Sunday, October 2, 2016

Queen of France

Rammed Earth Castles

Rammed Earth Castle, in Spain.

The Stones for the EU Castle Collective

Using Rammed Earth:

As shown in the images, are the older techniques from Spain, with tamped earth, which has been a long lasting alternative in desert climes for many centuries. A 500-year lifetimes for a castle, being the target number with the rammed earth constructions.
With the use of pneumatic tampers, The Castle constructions can happen quite quickly. However the older hand-tamped method cannot be rescinded, as it has proven the test of durability, whereas, the pnuematic is merely a quicker updated addendum, to the original tool.
In as much as the braven sweat on many a mans back is an endearing moment for a Hollywood movie, I believe the newer machines perform as efficiently, and quicker.
Not to debate this, on all ram rebuilds, but rather, let your group (ie. "Ber") go ahead and decide whether to hand tamp or not.
I am not the beast of instant that some of you may prefer for your portfolios. Therefore, the pnuematic version will be available as an option for rebuilds, as well as, the softened tone... of original hand-tamping... if your group "Ber" decides to be more authentic.
A Call to Experts
As France itself is a climate with more humidity than Spain, it cannot be stated that tamped earth = tamped earth everywhere. Like adobe and cob, the soil being used has to be tested for clay contents, etc. The experts of rammed earth construction, will hopefully have the answer on when to add extra clay or add extra limestone. Offering on-site test-kits, per batch of new soil delivered.
The drastic change to Rammed Earth
I am not advocating rammed earth for all of the Chateau rebuilds.
As I have stated before; (via my Vaux Monarchy mandates) that all of the stones from the quarries of France, belong only to the EU Castle Collective rebuilds of France, and not to residential or outside commercial interests. Although, this doesn't mean going whole-hog on the French quarries, we still have limited quarry supplies, in respect to the sustainability of our mountains production.
The Creative Takers
It appears some of you do not care one ilk past your lifetime to what disruption and ruin you have been associated in "creating". Interesting also, that this group of commercial takers are often those stricken with the disease of antagonism towards artists. As if Their own artist has spired into only creating "take", similar to a bacterial organism that cannot stop.
Person's running their balance of perspectives, decides and rationalities, in suit with one's associated bank account balance. Where that balance, has become their only cognisant release of allow for the human creative spirit.
Oddly, I have also found that these same globally creative "takers",
have a following of "bank account balance worshippers". Person's that are poised to destroy the concept of all creation, within their short lifetimes, due to their fanatical financial beliefs. Whether by forest and mountain destruction, or Nuclear proliferation.
In proving a mountains natural value, there are many that expertly can, however in my cliff notes of expedia:
Mountains are our natural; rainwater harvesters for rivers and snow run-off, natural springs creation, wildlife ecosystems, air current participants that modify wind verocity and storms, genera species creator habitats where only certain species and flora has evolved.
Mountain Production School
Yes, the mountains can recover, after a millon years of planetary shifting and rockfalls, although they will be different mountains in shape and form. Pre-determining that the mountains will "re-grow" in the same location is also not a possible determination.
Therefore, inexplicable changes from even a few quarry digs, are classed as a "Non-Sustainable" resource.
Preference of Sustainability
Yes, there is a preference to the "look" of stone, over that of rammed construction, in certain situations. However, at some point the "look" has to loose its vanity, to our minds wishes.
Remembering, foremost, the native value of a mountain, over the value of a quarry.

Final Close of these Minutes

In conclusion of todays meeting;
Rammed earth castles from Spain, being the long term examples. They are an inexpensive and sustainable alternative, to the original stones. A tamped earth construction technique, lasts for at least 500 yrs.