Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Queen of France

Account restored with google.com

queyras castle
"The Queyras Castle"
Oct 27, 2016.
Account status has been restored ! from Oct 4, 2016:
I had broken password resets, for several weeks.

I will leave the "what happened" data below my little help section as it may have assisted with verification of my account.

Help Section
There are a few things to utilize with google, to avoid losing site data.

1. Use a Brand Account as it offers options for up to 50 google account owners.

2. Add several Admins to your Blog, by sharing it between users, the blog account has a lower chance of being locked-out.

3. Set-up either a pop3 or email forward, to at least one other email account, and list it as "read".

4. I am still uncertain with actual size limitations to youtube accounts, as I believe there are unsaid "algorithim" determinations. So, try to lower the resolution for longer videos,to under 720 to 340. or use frame-rates of 25 or less.
Because many of the videos, I have uploaded recently were up to 5 times larger than normal. Where, the original programmers may have issued an account warning lock-out for unusual changes to an account's normal habit.

5. I know someone from google thought it was a site attack, and yes there was an web attack to my blog, from Israel last month, 5000+ hits in a day. Which could have been from a site visitor who had a virus on their computer.
So, that also could have been another reason for the password lock-out.

Either way whether it was GB usages changes or the blog attack, the zayvra account has found more redundancy, by using google's newer helps like joining into a shared branded account with multiple users and the inclusion of extra blog admins.

What happened: Oct 4, 2016.
Not able to change the password through the google security link, while my account is still logged on and active, since: Oct 4, 2016, Oct 5, 2016... last code sent was at 3:52pm.
Oct 6, 2016, 9:02 am, txt code was sent, then email verify switched to "account creation date", which goes to then "Google could verify it's you, so you can't sign in to this account right now."
Oct 7, 2016, After contacting them yesterday, google.com has my account listed somewhere as a "suspend".
I updated a few details, like my correct age and location, and am waiting for the help response team to return my account to normal. My advice to google's team is to remove the 2-step verify.
and keep the 1 retrieval way, of sms code to my cell phone
or use the 1 retrieval way back to my accounts main email address, as it's still active.
Oct 10, 2016.
Oct 11, 2016. email to code retrieves worked, yet still returned a no verify.
Browsers Attempted for the reset:
Firefox, on Linux Ubuntu 15.10
Firefox on Apple 10.6
Safari on Linux Ubuntu 15.10
Firefox on Linux Ubuntu 14.04
Firefox on Linux Ubuntu 16.04
(and a cell phone, android)
Past message To Google Help: Oct. 4 2016
Most of my google account is still accessible, blogs, vlogs, email, google drive.
Just not the Password Resets, handled through the security link web-pages.
I can supply an alternative google recovery address, or upload a file, to google drive, or make another video vlog, at my youtube.com for password recovery id. Alternatively, please call me at home, or through my cell-phone.
All in all: While the lock-out had gone on:
Remembering google is an income business, and the free services advertise, so, they receive income from the few accounts. Meaning, they receive much of their profits because of their free email account services. Due to each email sent, indirectly being an advertisement for their product. Which helps their stock values to rise, etc.
Anyway, it had put a damper on my month of October. As I am not finished with the EU Castle Collective. On the agenda, is my new profit to shares spreadsheet. as well as, better defining the profitability for the collective members, for the different levels of share and castle purchasers;
because all profits from of each of the Castles businesses, return to the collective each year.
I have to better explain this, as that input from each castle business, trickles back to all members, and further castle purchases for the collective.
Because the it's more "My castle" mentalities, start to crop up.
The tourist supply, for their customers, and the initial castle re-build, comes through us, therefore it is not ever their business, merely a business that conducts as a working branch of the collective.
The "In private" Castle purchase situations, as when the castle is fully purchased by either a time share group or one person, and they prefer to operate as only a "private" businesses away from the collective. Then, those castles cannot sell any services or goods to businesses within the Eu Collective Castle, though they will still be able to purchase goods or supplies. The private castles, will not be included in the EU Castle Collective, until they want sell the property.
Which does cause problems with me, as I am not intent on being bought out, after rebuilds, just because the money showed up to buy a castle. So, I guess my quick answer, is to limit their business range to purchases only.

Oct. 4 - Oct 27 2016