Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Queen of France

Finding Success Online: SEO failures

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Account Blockage Issues
and Adsense Earnings

It has been a month of new discoveries, after my many years here online, with youtube and blogger.

In my eagerness, of web participation,
as of yet I am apparently a blocked account, by google (and youtube),
with little to no web-hits aside from my own, and a few others for many years.

As if those persons and I are in a niche club of "Ooh La La persons", perhaps so famous, as to be unable to garner such minimal earnings from web visitors visitations.

In one years time, from,
only $3.80 cents is listed on my earnings for my adsense account.

A scandal has occurred against me,
as I often witness my site at the top of googles web searches, which in normal discussion amounts to web site hits and click-through visitors.

So, honestly I do find it extra-interesting, that certain people have said, "You will never make enough money online", in a threat so to speak, as if they have had something to do with the actual blockage to my accounts.

Google Analytics Script Update:

One thing unusual, has been the change to my google analytics account, which I setup to track 3 of my website url accounts, it was changed by someone to only 1 url.
After setting them up again, and re-adding tracking codes to blogger and youtube, one other thing was noticed. A complete change to the analytic script code itself. I guess the new script update could have voided my previously set-up analytics website Urls and deleted them?
So, in conclusion to google analytics,
either my analytic account had been hacked into,
and those urls removed, or the new script voided those urls.


All and all, I have had some great success with initiating Adsense to my blogs.

As you may notice, I have set-up 3 advertising boxes, which is amazing, after many ruined attempts months prior.
One thing different; was a recently modified Blogger page, "The Blogger Earnings Page". It was updated to include a layout plan for the Adsense Advertising Choices. So, it is possible that my old blog required the blogger earnings page and the original layout page, in order to work.
One complaint; my Queen site was loading in slower than normal, after first receiving the ads, with the new adsense ads. My computer required a reboot, now its back to normal.

Minimal Subscriber Base !

There are many hoops out here to garner more web page hits, and yet I am still confused as to why I have had such a low subscription rate.
My youtube account has literally stopped at a maximum subscribers of around 55. Therefore, I believe it has something to do not with me or my content,
but rather a policing action against me.
Whether that action is from France or the United States,
I do not know, just that my original zayvra youtube account, has been oddly blocked for many years. I still can search for my youtube videos via youtube's seach, however, it is possible that the search results that I achieve are limited to only my "sandbox" participation . Meaning, I can search out my own data while very few others are able to find me.
Into the reasons why:

Not a Popular Entertainment Vlog or Blog:

I have to refuse the adage of "Your not popular"
Because, my original "Roodala" account had over 100 subscribers in a few short months, with similar topics, of world politics, ecology and guru discussions.

Google Ownership

In fun, someone close to me owns too much stock in Google itself, therefore, I cannot make earnings from the company.

Longer Youtube Videos:

In sad, I have gone on with the longer videos more-so, over 10 minutes. Perhaps the audience cannot handle long videos? No, I have to discount that as the reason.

Ecologically Minded Advocate

Other limiter possible reasons, perhaps I have been put on a list of "Save the World" persons, and in my construction versions on how to "save the world", I have been mis-construed by simple-minded persons who do not understand either philosophy or the tactics necessary to take on this planet and persons for a better global change.

Royal Bloodlines:

The being "Royal" reason is not enough, as the google limitation of my subscriber base had occurred before I formerly announced my Monarchy; as the Queen of France.

Not Pornographic?

Sadly again youtube has become a wasteland of porno and adult websites, as I have found out in some searches, however I do not believe those subscribers would effect my particular subscriber rates at all, as they are a completely different group of persons for the the most part. A group of subscribers that practically ingest pornography as a daily meal, or else starve. They just aren't persons that would sign-up to me anyway.

I am the Boss of Google?

This is another fun one, as the owner of Google or one of the owners of Google, I guess I would have to be limited, as many discussions pertaining the the companies well-being would need to be held publically and yet on a lower advertised scale. If I work for google as such, my gosh where is my paycheck?

Being a Yogi Guru!

"In the normal and mundane,
a bright gift allows itself to be shown,
sometimes shockingly."
As a Yogi, I am not overwhelmed with the wants of material possessions or the grandeurs of monetary wealth. However, I do expect others to not "use" that as a convenience, and with-hold my earnings and conduct fraud against me. "If there is money in gainings that belong to me, well then it is for myself to determine, how it is saved, donated or spent."