Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Queen of France

The Group "Purchase of Property" Chart

Basic Chart of Costs per person, without a mortgage.

This quick chart represents full purchase,
without any extra fees aside from the Shared year-to-year costs of:
Utilities, Property taxes, Gardening, Food*, home insurance, transportation costs, telephony.
With group health as an option.

*Bulk food purchases

are more available the larger the group.
In example, 5 pounds of almonds, for 70 dollars. lasting approx. 3 months.

Things to consider when creating a property-buying group:

Try an choose appropriately compatible persons with their diet and lifestyle:
vegetarian households, raw vegan households.
Similar careers or career expectations persons
ie, fine artists, ballet dancers, and philosophers, tend to conflict with manual labor workers.
(sorry, there is no "Conflict chart" available.)
Age-group approx. within 25 years, for the people considered.
Including purchase rules for the property group owners, such as :
No personal credit card loans used to purchase your share.
and/or No mandatory job or career requirements.
Additional Conditions of ownership, ie., 5 years of property taxes, paid into a property tax savings account.
If a with children household: Persons with children would pay the full price per child, also.
Persons with similar political views, brings a higher chance of compatibility.
Don't forget to include silent partners, ownerships. For persons who buy a share as a long term investment only, and do not ever live on the premises.

A "Share a Home" Website to find group buyers:

In order to help locate the property purchasers, a matching website, is still needed to group people accordingly:
by property price,
property area,
property type (with land, over an acre, etc.),
number of persons,
price per person,
a with children household, or not