Sunday, November 20, 2016

Queen of France

The California State Succession

Original California Flag

Becoming a Country

California has finally up-roared its own liberal self, to be included as a new country, within this global mixture of happen-stance governmental bodies here and there.

As a leader country hosted with future-minded individuals, we have often been the beginning of trends for the world. However, in recent years, we have lacked our political voice in american politics. Which has been out-of-the ordinary for California, almost as if the new Californians, who have moved and reside here, do not make the same conscious efforts of native Californians.

The conscious efforts of sustainability, to better the planet, people, plants and animals, have been too often pushed aside, when in the past it was our only priority. To keep our world, as a home that we would continue to live in, and bring our future generations into.

The start of California as a new peaceful country, starts with a monetary incentive, with offshore banking opportunities available to Americans from the United States, a new banking infrastructure, will financially compliment the US rather than hinder.


The possible inclusion of Oregon and Washington with the succession.

Cost Savings to the United States

A reduction in military spending for the Federal Government of the United States as an added bonus. The bases, located here in California are some of largest and most costly to run for the United States federal government. The condensing of military equipment, toward the east for the US, is a wise financial choice.
For the US to run an army mechanism that is refined rather than large and extensively eclectic grouping, is another reason as a wiser tactical choice.

Native Californians

Bringing in the standard of, "born in California" persons; as the original citizens of the new country, called California. Other resident persons, declared as naturalized, dependent upon longevity of time spent as a resident. Therefore, if you were born in California, you would automatically be classed as a citizen of the new California.

Taxations and Revenue

The current California government, is to be a new smaller federal version for California. State Taxations for California citizens would initially increase, to similar of the old US federal level, and the older federal US taxations would be cancelled for California citizens.

Current Governor of Califorina

The current elected government person, who is the Governor of California, becomes the new acting Prime Minister (similar to Presidential) elect, of California for the time being, until voters decide upon either their new federal California powers to be either; a Monarchy, President or Prime Minister. Emir's are cool, however, it may be too dis-associated as a political leader role, for most native Californians.

Currency of California

Continue with USD as the currency, with Euro optional accounts offered by the California banking system.

US Banks in California

Current US Banks, such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America are invited to open offshore branches, in similar fashion to Barclays and HSBC in Guernsey.

International Banks in California

Other International Banks such as Deutsches Bank, UBS, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Swiss are therein invited to open branches here in California.
Enabling further prospective business ventures in California, The United States and European Countries.
With a European banking diversification added to California. The new country will become a major stronghold, hosting old and new business relations between North American and Europe.

Offshore Banking Incentives

Not to undermine the new country standard with simply a boring banking routine, but keep with the old-style follow of Switzerland, 25$ will be granted as a savings account opener for each new infant born into California. (kept in their new locked savings account, locked until they are 18 years of age.)
Newly forged silver and gold coins, with the emblem of the California Bear, are to be minted, and given to any new or re-instated; "time-deposit account with nominal interest*" account holders of 5 or more years, if the bank account is in excess of $500,000. (1 gold coin per 500,000, upon the 5th year the coin is given to the account holder and it can be either kept or transferred into cash at that time.)
1 silver coin will be granted to any new or re-instated; "time-deposit account with nominal interest*" holders of 5 or more years, if the bank account is in excess of $250,000. (1 silver coin per 250,000, upon the 5th year the coin is given to the account holder and it can be either kept or transferred into cash at that time.)
*(interest rates under 3%)
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