Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Queen of France

Refused by Adsense?

I Guess so,

They sent a "refused by" email, no real reason as to the why.

'What a journey spent into nothing'.
Not to give up on adsense, just a later addition to the site for another time.
I'll hunt through
amazon ads for a book gadget
in the meanwhile.
I removed 2 lines stating, Media-Partners and its disallow: / , from the custom robots.txt, then resubmitted the robots.txt file at's webmaster tools page....
Then, in "finally happy go lee style"
got fresh ad codes, for the site.
A few more days of waiting, and perhaps throughput.
Update continued:
The second letter arrived, although it seemed less dejunctory this time about my website.
Only a "declined",
as if somehow polite society existed in failure.
Hinting, that the decline was due to, a possible reason being,
non-compliance of their policies.
Meaning my website content or code structure, didn't qualify or fit their typical guidelines.
With the "as of yet" inference, being a tease offer...
into attempting their services once again, with due patience and diligence.

Written in laymen speak,
that elaborated itself higher by usage of the word, "declined",
as the triumphant word keeper of the tale.
A jolly game it is, so much so,
that I am meandering my thought consciousness,
back to remembrance of British Isles, busy that they are;
Parks wandering a shallows stream,
a days plenty, picnics a dream,
as tales beget, hesitations minuet,
hastes waste into wonder,
velvet junipers emerald,
shamrocks blanket, meadows green.