Saturday, August 20, 2016

Queen of France

The Adsense 48 hour wait

After many tries and clicks around,
yet again, even after being approved, by Adsense,
confusion exists.

A blank space for the code waits for myriads of links about the monarchy and sovereignty etc, etc. It would be an exciting adsense to see, actually, due to the topic itself.
The Adsense Blank Space

Books on Royalty and Monarchy are hopefully going to be found,
arriving on this ridiculous page, an ad,
just waiting for a click thru in curiousity, ...right in the side bar.

Somewhere it was stated to wait 48 hours, so, I will wait 48 hours.

I believe it demands an adsense code gadget from the blogs layout template.

Another site of mine was refused, after I pulled the code from the page,
Not sure yet how to reactivate it, I am tired of sifting through site after site of lead around information, though.

Most of the adsense helper pages are not very to the point, therefore, just time wasters...hoping for a click maybe.

I'll update my progress with adsense, in a couple of days.