Sunday, May 25, 2014

Queen of France

Buyer Incentives during Transition

I will retract what I said. in this recent vlog,
about the buyers of the property having to pay in-full
from their savings during the transition phase.
& conclude that they can also use a bank loan or mortgage
to fulfill the final asking price of the property.

Due to no-risk to the Kingdom:
Technically the Kingdom is not affiliated with the bank loan,
merely that the bank has to pay the Kingdom in-full for the actual property, similar to how a bank has been paying a notaire as has been active here in olde France,
The Kingdom is essentially the notaire with a difference:
1.) The "Writ of Deed(s)" are kept by the Kingdom
2.) Funds from purchasers are kept as income & to pay sellers.

Therefore, the mortgage acquisition from the buyer
is not a risk investment to the Kingdom,
only the bank, if the mortgage is not paid.

Buyer Incentives:
Also, I spoke about,
buyers incentives for persons with property investment portfolios,

1.) those who rent out & let out properties,
there is the initial citizenship given to property purchasers for properties 500,000 or over, to anyone in the world,
which includes the pre-paid wage... on into retirement.

2.) With the additional incentive of adding 1-2 citizens into the Kingdom,
who prefer to rent the said property purchased.

Then the buyer has a secure deal to help accomodate any mortgages paid into,
because the rent allowance is already there each year,
for each renter in the Kingdom.

I believe in Britain the above type of property owners are called buy-to-let.

Retirement Benefit:
3.) By purchasing 500,000 or more in a property investment,
the yearly pre-paid wage is included for 1 person through retirement,
which can be a greatness for many persons, 
who had uncertain retirement plans,
because the yearly amount is certain throughout one's lifetime.

The original 500,000 equivacates to 25 yrs of spend value "@" 20000 per yr.
from a savings from a regular bank,

While the Kingdom's give as a spend value, includes;
a.) Options of 1-2 new Kingdom citizens as renters,
b.) Funding one of the Kingdom's businesses for profits.
c.) If living over the 25 yrs., the buyer receives;
additional yrs. of retirement proceeds.

4.) Upon, selling, the Kingdom handles the transaction,
& has a purchaser list at the ready.  

Bringing Personal Savings into the Vaux Kingdom's Bank:
One can purchase citizenship into the Kingdom also,
on any amount 1,000,000 or over,
However, 500,000 of the money cannot be withdrawn,
where it is kept as a 25 yr. retirement voucher,
& the other 500,000 or more,
is not to be used outside of the Kingdom's realm of businesses;
which avoids money pass-throughs of laundering & corruption from occurring,

The retirement voucher block, also avoids,
yearly pre-paid wage greedaholics from getting a quick 20,000 each yr.  for the rest of their lives, who had no want to spend it on our businesses or remain in the Kingdom at all.