Monday, May 26, 2014

Queen of France

Reviewing the 25% flat rate income tax

Adding in the income tax: 25 %
with the: The Vaux Kingdoms Budget & Profit Calculator 

I know its easier and quicker to implement, & that it can also offer the immediacy of a pre-paid wage also.

As time is so expediently precious in.. have to have been already done yesterday,
it does seem stupid to continue with my older version, which was more complicated.
The old version was more complicated because each sector of departments alloted has employees that require the same or similar yearly wage as before.

Whereas using the 25% flat rate income tax only... across the board,
does not always bring in the same wage the employees were getting.

So, I added it to the Kingdom's budget sheet,
along with the pre-paid wage also, & it works.

Because both have to occur or else it is only the same system rewritten that denigrates the impoverished into further hopelessness, etc.


The funny thing about it is, the per capita per personal income
drastically changes,

The lower paid incomes... 20,000 to 80,000,
receive extra money, as the pre-paid wage also pays for the 25% tax.

& the 25% is not so stressful for higher wage earners,
as it may be the similar to the income they already have,

and the under 20000 pre-paid wage persons compensate,
employers, as they do not have to pay them for work under 20,000.

Thereby the bump-up into per capita is if a specialized workers yearly pay is
higher than 20,000,
22000 ie.,
he or she is paid 22,000 by their employer, receiving 42000 per yr.
between the Kingdom & the employer.

Whereas the non-specialized under 20000 a year employee,
only receives 20,000 from the Kingdom.
Which activates a want for the non-specialized persons
to obtain higher learning & education,
in order to leap the gap up to the 40,000 or higher range.  

Specialized does not associate with only formal schooling though,
A specialized career worker is the decision of the employer.

With the new chart page called the Kingdoms Savings:
The Income Tax Rate for all was added.
I also took into account,
adding the estimated population of non-wage earners. 

There are estimated & current year sections.
The estimated charts are for other populations #'s.

& the % of personal incomes by population estimated & current is also included.