Thursday, May 22, 2014

Queen of France

Dealing with Crowds

As the days go on,

the people are not leaving,
as they have many requirements they need & want fulfilled:

People will become hungry, and the local shops are going to become empty.

Supplies into these shops may be difficult to re-stock due to crowds blocking the store fronts & roads.

A few vehicles have to be given access,
the food vans, & occasional ambulances.
shuttles back to other regions of the bay area,
to look after pets or persons left behind.

If the bart train stops or the electricty is cut,
we need to go back to possie judicial law.

Where certain persons guard the shops & food stores. 

Maintaining even more calm than before.

If a shop window is broken into,
the reason & the person(s) need to be found out as to the why. 

Other Importants:
large water tanks available for free water. 

free condoms available to young women in the crowd.

Food & Food Helpers:
People who want to make food right their fresh for the passerbys.
There will not be natural gas or ovens unless kitchens
within a few of the houses are used for cooking.
1-2 houses per block should be adequate.

Simple, Cheap & Quick Cooked foods,
Polentas (fine corn), Bulgour, or Couscous,
Cooked with mixtures of raisens or olives & spices, & a little vinagrete.

Crepes & pancakes

Healthy greens,
from the stores such as green beans, spinaches, collards, etc.
If the supplies run low, perhaps there are stinging nettles around, the park regions, that have not been pesticide sprayed.
As they can be used as a spinach replacement.

Baked or slow roasted items such as potatoes,
take longer electricity wise, therefore a luxury item, to go with.

Turnips, Carrots, Beets, Broccoli, Radishes can be handed out
with Fruits also... as they can all be eaten raw.

Please do not bring any meat into the feasting,
as it promotes aggressivity.

If people are selling food, that is their option,
though, I prefer free handouts from the kingdom & workers of the kingdom of the simple cuisines such as couscous & vegetable platters.

Better to separate the men from the women if possible,
back to women in this section of 100 persons, & men in another section of 100 persons, to avoid excesses in promiscuity.

Video speaker podiums available to the people, each 100 person area,
so each person there can have their questions answered formally and available to tv shows & computer rooms around the world.

A speaker podium at the front arena to have discussions with the next heirs to the throne & others workers from the kingdom directly.

At night a few low key bands can play, to help enjoy the Kingdoms begins.
Over a few days & the crowd is content with how the new government system works,  even with melted plastic plates for id,
then it is better to move the podium arena to in-class live video chats
with students of UC Berkeley & other universites, back to normal forum environments, not always be outdoors.

Inviting students from majors and minors in Government, Law, Civics, Economics, Business & the Mathematics Department.
Streaming video such as, Skype & google hangout to reach broader audiences.

The momentum of the Kingdoms budget continuance needs to be kept though,
hopefully with enough buys & sales of real estate already,
The above stated classes, & persons therein,
will be more than supportive of our new beginnings to stop poverty,
while maintaining an economy,on a global scale.