Thursday, May 22, 2014

Queen of France

Quickie ID Cards

Back to the crowds in the SF Bay area demanding their 20,000 to the kingdom, before they leave to return to their houses & apartments.

Plastic Plates melted  and poured into shapes with forms.

a small written area on paper detailing:

eye color
hair color
body scars
an unusual earring, & the other is worn during each sale.

The small piece of paper is then glued to the plastic card,
and a clear varnish is coated over the paper & card for protection.

This method is basic, though does give immediate proof of person quickly.

While, we wait for companies to create,
insert your card into a card reader, for instant 3d hologram views & videos freshly woven from our computer streams & other exotics of technology.

or while we update to the simple,
photo with your yorkie or indoor houseplant photo only version.

Its preferred, to not have to resort to being as a Luxembourg or Leichtenstein,
where you have to buy property to gain citizenship.
Though it brings an instant start to the Kingdom's financial earnestness,
so I can't knock it as a choice.

After a house has been paid for to the Kingdom,
then an ID card can be issued.
The 20,000 can then be deposited into your bank account.
It is better to go with 6 month deposits of 10000 each,
as the limiters to each days spend amount...
of always having 27 vas euro dollars til the end of the year
may not yet be implemented by the bank writers.

I prefer not to have to be force a purchase of a property on the people though,
rather go with the bounty of buys & sells creating a natural state of profit...that then funds businesses also.
& believe opening the market for persons to join the Kingdom immediately will already bring a profit in certain areas, such as the east bay of San Francisco.

Profit that runs the Kingdom & the people of the Kingdom.