Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Queen of France

Employee Profit Calculator

This calculator sheet supplies
the answer amounts when each employee gives
his or her amount of input deposits to a business.
From 500-10,000 in the first section,
from the pre-paid wage allowance, or over 10,000 in the 2nd section.

When over 10,000 as an employee input deposit, such as 12,000,
Part of their pre-paid wage can be also used.

After a year of sales, worker profits-to-their-savings are listed
for each worker, based upon their original input for the year.

Also included; is the long-term financier investment share,
such as 30% from the company each year, for his or her investment profits.

the link to the spreadsheet:
version xlsx: Employee Profit Calculator
google docs: Employee Profit Calculator

the newest updated version has 2 profit share calculators
listed with the Kingdoms Budget Spreadsheet,
under profit_shares & profit_shares_lg

The Vaux Kingdoms Budget & Profit Calculator