Saturday, June 11, 2011

Queen of France

Design Buy Outs

What are they?
Variations in design have existed all throughout our lives,        
so now you can select, order and choose the shapes and colors:      
        You do not buy the entire stock or inventory, only the design to be manufactured.
The new product/model will be launched as the companies new item,
and some products will be sold to millions of people.       
Purchases include:        
New vehicle models:
Cars, trucks, planes, boats, trains, monorails, trams, rickshaws,        
Changes to the street where you live:
Into a re-forest zones, garden, fruit groves, where no vehicles are permitted, except bicycles.   
New Appliances and Electronics:       
Choose anything electric even your favorite toaster shape to be the next market sellable.       
Shoes and Clothing:       
Elf shoes for your entire region, and secretly watch it (them) become the rage in fashion.       
     *remember there are far fewer items produced (21 workdays.yr.),
so it really will be the season of pointy shoes.
This new selective planning, assures that we go forward
into the future with the fewest design-eyesores as possible.
Even an old rectangle stadium sign, can be updated into a handcrafted piece of art.
New career opportunities
It also provides new careers for graphic designers and re-balances the creativity function,       
keeping us alive with curiousity and interest toward our day-to-day living experience.       
Save Companies
Design buy out purchases also help companies remain out of debt.,        
Some companies may require up to 10 purchasers to be assured of the selection choice.       
The monetary withdrawl comes directly from your spend-only interest bearing savings
(freely given, 20000/20% int./for a 20 yrs duration/returns to start balance of 20000 balance every 20 yrs.),
or from your in-stasis non-interest-bearing savings accounts.