Sunday, June 12, 2011

Queen of France

The One Page Economy

the free-spend compounded savings was cancelled:
the blog retains a few valid ideas though.

Facing the turbulent upset of brain attention span delinquence, I am trying to condense the new economy as much as possible.

A beautiful goal is to have a one page version,
quick and legible to all, viewable on a poster on-site at a grocery store.

This is not a secret economy, not one dedicated to cheating the process and finding loopholes for various groups and attending services into the black market, religious holdings, or political party dominance.

So, pardon the pun, and try to understand when I say "all people" or "everyone", it does not ring the free-spend-savings bell for prisoners, and how the money flow relates to them. I cannot bring them into this, one page directive, aside from I do not believe the long-termed jailed deserve to have the free-spend savings building up for 15 years, and then being released into a spend now nirvana.

So, I am adamant about that one thing, no free savings, compounded daily, to prisoners. Once released, they will have to wait for the next 20 yr. savings build-up durational.
As many prisoners are the factory workers making anything from license plates to curtains,
I think we need to deal with their wages also. Because the prison system has gone corporate as well as government we need these lower to no wage workers to be released from that scenario.

We do not as a people ever want to run this business group but as a new government we have to claim that ownership and with that responsibilty, figure out what to do that is fair. As many are imprisoned for a reason that does not imprison in another country. So we need to coordinate those direct rules, "the reasons for imprisonment".
I will leave this topic, and run quickly back to my one-page-epic.
*If imprisoned, no free-spend-savings
and your wages pay for your transportation, food, clothing, and housing while in the facility.
Perhaps amongst yourselves assign online shoppers,(for food, art supplies, books) chefs, masons, and re-design the facilities, based on a fair vote non-riot open discussion. 

Dont y'all get it, the programmers are angry now, as we have to divy out a special 'no savings and identity plan' for the career crim!. This is horrible, as the easy of the new economy is Less Work (saves the planet),
thanks a hell of a lot for this problem. I hope that loaf of bread was worth it. As now the crims here are holding up equality.

To the prison-sentenced:
After receiving your sentencing, the judge(s) and clerk, will select "your budget rules"
for the exact number of years of your sentence.
  • From your  "Free-spend savings,
  • The total donated to alternative energy and ecology projects.
  • From your 44000 wage,
  • A donation to a charity of 4000, that you can choose. (per year)
  • A house or apartment loan of up to 10000 will be chosen, or you can choose(depending on the judge)
  • The luxury item loan of 10000, is gifted to alternative energy and ecology projects.
  • The selected choice of a "A group money pool" for your group, (every person living in the imprisonment facility), including your remaining wage amount of 20000, the money pool budgets such things as facility costs, food, utilities, schooling, facility improvements, such as locks on your doors, bringing in hens and straw for daily egg supplies, composting, rewiring the electrics, plumbing, a list to certain companies to group purchase your delivered items for, once every 17 days, essentially making a taj mahal, if you want, without the extra handshake. 
So, a hundred inmates, have a 2000000 budget per year to make a beautiful facility, eat and live life together.
On delivery days 4 armed guards will attend the gates. for the pallet deliveries, 1 gate opens, a pallet
enters that gate closes and your internal facility door opens to receive your shipment from foods to art supplies.  The reverse door system goes for exodus garbage which should be minimal, as the chickens eat most of your leftovers. Obviously if your chickens brood and roosters arrive, you can vote to:
let them live there with the hens,
kill, pluck and eat them yourselves, good luck,
send them to the butchers,
or donate them to a free roaming space.
So, as you do not have guards anymore, except for the delivery guards.
It is up to the "money pool group" to enjoy their stay and update the torturous facilities and....

It becomes a business:
As the end game here is a business with earnings and you'all get first dibbs to be the group owners,
As business owners, you gain equally shared profits from the finished hotel (sanctuary, park, reserve, forest, bed and breakfast, touristica visitationals).
At that time, (the end of the 7 yr sentence) the money pool group changes to the less stringent property-only investment, with a much smaller amount taken from wages to upkeep the business, and your food, personal housing and other personal expenses would be your separate spending choices, (not group-pooled).