Saturday, June 4, 2011

Queen of France

Entertaining the quantity of your savings

Last update 2016:
I believe I put the free 20,000 savings of a lifetime pay-out on hold, due to keeping a "for sure" balanced budget. Balanced for the most part via; property sales income and casino taxations. It is an item though that could be re-inserted into the doctrine, at a later time. I am leanig toward, the Switzerland version of 25 Euros to each child. Therefore by starting younger with a small token of currency, may in fact actualize similarly, 20 yrs later on.
It all Depends upon the Kingdoms yearly tax income, and then leftovers could be applied towards savings accounts at the end of each year. As I said, on hold at the moment.
Written 2011: The 20.000 paid up front every yr./per person does come with the
one time 20.000 savings (at) 20 % earnings compounded daily.   
Yet, many men and women have the old kind of bank savings now,
some into the millions etc. and are worried.
Don't worry, that money is held in stasis as yours,
but with no banking interest included anymore.

What happens to it with the new economy?

What do you really want to spend the extra money on anyway?
My quick list is :

1. To give to family members in life or in death.
2. To give to non-profits and charitable donations.
3. To delegate power over a particular group of people.

The new economy changes these perceptive
reasons for greed-stacking ones' wealth.
Power over countries, politics and inititives passed,
would no longer be the number one priority to be super-rich.
As the lobbyied monopolied businesses do not have the same powers.

The new economy can still buy some power to this group
although in a different way ~ via design.

50 new hectares of parkland in the Paris Metropole area
and yes that design can be purchased on the where and
which streets specifically become fussganger zones,
which streets have electric rickshawed travel,
(along with specific tezla~car hyper fastlane zones).

Choosing the design of the rickshaws themselves could be fun enough
for some people to spend their saved monies on,
Perhaps so fun,
that you're only allowed to choose 10% of the designs of
# of rickshaws/per city
(as you may have a want for 'sonic the hedgehog cycles' everywhere
and the others may need more variety).

So instead of waiting for the parkbench signatory contribution
you can pay your shares into the 'design-power"
of a city or cities that can run their own economy without diesel and
gasoline fuels and a need for an over-consumptive taking of
planetary resources.

This is a city-only talk here,
but transportation specifics for the countryside,
can also be design-purchasable event.