Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Queen of France

Genetic lineage necklaces

This is not to remove using our inherital names,
but as time passes, the surnames accumulate into others
and can be forgotten or not known.

The necklace idea is the easiest to use before they have sex.
The point is: when compairing one necklace with another,
the beads from one necklace do not match the beads of the other's.
and each bead represents each family name, such as the "tolirobin's"
on the 3rd, 4th and 5th row. 

one families lineage line would be easiest to fashion in a demi circular extension grouping of generations :

where the one dot is,  (the flower dot in the birds hair).,
is the new generation offspring from a mother and father.

all brother and sisters,(siblings), receive exact matches of the lineage necklace.

however, it does not spring for continuity very well., as it is a static time piece defining those people, it does not morph if becoming a parent, a new time necklace has to be made. and with more generations the larger it becomes.


these beads shown below, all are exactly the same,
each child from the parents name receives one bead added into their personal lineage necklace. (the single dot above.)
The new adornment is the same as the fathers line,
as we have access to more fathers lineage names than mothers lineage names.
and if a large family arises, many siblings, then, more inherital necklaces
need to be produced. in example,
a family with 3 children, has 3 necklaces,
and those 3 grown children(adults) have 5 children,
then 2 more necklaces have to be produced.

Either way, right about now, tequila shots are kinda ruining our civilization:

a 10 generation line necklace may be impossible as it holds 512 beads (256 old names, 256 married into names) on the outer half-circle pattern, but it does represent the separate names.

i suppose if not all names are known a blank style could be used for those moments.

Bead breakout:
These beads could be used if the swirls exactly matched in colors,
for one family name: and a thousand ordered,
but, they may be difficult to acquire after the distinct artist is not around,
yet the family name continues on.        

The glass beads below express 4 different family names:
separate for each grandparent name, similar to the eye chart below: e r t y,

e b g n r o p q    t d w f y h a l 

e g r  p    t w y a

e  r     t  y

e  y

where e is. the glass bead always matches, that family name. so the first bead would be duplicated 5 times, for one necklace.
mr unique here,
is demanding separation from his brothers and sisters, all having the same type bead, but this is not an individuality necklace, merely a family lineage. so he adorns his individual rock art elsewhere. 
 i suppose if you have a foundry, this one would be cool for a family name:

Thats it for now.