Saturday, June 9, 2012

Queen of France

Agricultural Watch and Policing

There are obvious dumbs and then there are intentionals.

Actions held by farmers hiding behind the dumb,
the "I didn't know" are no longer tolerated.
As the machines they operate are beyond dangerous
to people, property and the ecosystem.

The suspect in question is found to be intentional in doing,
intentional action is malevalent and has purpose,
reasons of his own volitions, far away from justices of the real world.

Practices of using machine powers on a whim,
to lessen others into a feeling of weakness.
An agricultural war machine used,
where others watching are forced to be non-courageous
or else possibly be murdered.

The damaged pond shown in photos at the bottom of this blog,
represents several problems that the one callous action
by the farmer machine-operator has introduced into
this small ecosystem and hamlet.
An area that is not his property nor his responsibility to maintain.

Even if it was his property,
this is a dangerous illegal action toward the flora and fauna of the world.
Being a property owner does not allow one to "tame it" to their own picture,
as we have too many responsibilities, as keepers... to maintain the ecosystem
with continuance in mind rather than dismissal.

Tree trimmers have their work to trim trees away from the wiring and cables,
so tree trimming can never be the reason for the destruction in this instance.

Danger to Hamlet Properties:
The area has a pond below the hamlet's residential level,
constantly giving uninterrupted drainage in times of deluge,
which stops flooding and allows for natural habitat sustainability.
The pond is now partially filled in with decidous and non-decidous trees.
This continued action would have exposed the hamlet to the danger
of severe flooding. Which could have quickly destroyed up to 5 residences.

Danger to nesting and aquatic habits:
The large fir tree over 30 years old is now crossing the pond,
luckily the farmer was deterred, by a resident, and the hamlets drainage piping is still active. The frogs and other amphibians still have air to use the water as a breeding ground.

However, the nuthatches in particular are in decline in the region and require non-deciduous trees year-round
to gather tiny insects from the sap and resins.
This is a sad mourning for their loss in numbers once again.

The "it will grow back" attitude, is too late, for them,
the nuthatches, and the continuance ecocycle.....

There are no squirrels here, no chipmunks,
no middle tree small mammals.
I am sorry to say this area is a dead zone,
supporting only occasional species,
where before it housed many mammals.

Reintroduction of species in the area will not work,
as many of the bird and mammal species from before,
cannot live in sparse hedgerows or treerows,
they require relaxed forest and bushed areas,
untouched and unmaintained by humans.

There are not enough forests here,
all the way across france, it is a dire situation.

The goal here is to live once again with survivability,
re-shadowing the woods and reclaiming territories
fat with happiness for tiny nuthatches, squirrels and chipmunk.

 Away from happy time images...onto more possible reasons...


Fear of shadows,
can be caused from the paranoid fear of "dead bodies"-in-the-bushes
from watching cop shows.
The action itself answers the perpetrator,
as one carrying this fear... of being afraid of shadows,
another reason to remove the keys from the driver.

Over-supply and commisions

It is yet again a look at the over-agriculturing allowability being the cause, demanding more land for food, that is only sent the food markets and people into further waste and gluttony. 
Sponsored by commodities market marketeers,  
damaging our world, in order to live a pimped-up existence in housing and lifestyle. 

A tractor jab into the side spans, is more land stolen for grassland:
As it's far easier to re-extend the fence line, when the trees are no longer there,
especially when there are no people living there also, intention to let the
cows munch a little more grass,
upping the size of the herd................................................. for extra farmer income.

Playing the market!!!! beetles, chemicals and disease oh my!
Agriculturists are right there at the action score of the chem companies, 
the new 'infestation news'... the direct or directed driver of the market game.
Thus in larger instances of spindled forest properties we must include this possibility, 
a major financial market fix also known as insider trading.

Creating and trading the news of disaster crops,
making profits at our planetary expense.

 Danger to trees and introductions of disease:
This action here is not classed as a forest slash technique
as it was minimal and will repair. However had we not been here,
too many trees would have been exposed dangerously to the cambrian layer,
the leading creator of tree blights, and beetle infestations worldwide.

The open assault to bring the danger of tree blights and beetle infestations are akin to murdering massive areas of habitat, and even bringing indirect murder upon the population of persons of the planet.
As the population requires trees to be supplied with food or else perish.
Once a blight has been introduced it does not care the tree variety,
so, there goes pears, apples and even wine, for a time.

"Eat of the wheat only then.", a new motto? the murder will take place for all.
via the reduction of necessary dietary vitamins.

The only stop to these diseases and infestations,
while keeping food diversity, is to stop the destructive farming practices.

Over-reactions to burn!
Conclusions made toward beetle and/or blight introduction to an area
is not a reason to further slash and burn either, as chances for the planetary oxygen cycle are higher to live with a few diseased trees and plants, trying to naturally fight and rehabilitate themselves away from the man-introduced tree diseases.

It is always better to have a limited availability in certain foods, for a time,
while those trees are kept to fight and become resistant,  
without spraying or adulterated man-made techniques.

The survival trees, include with them survival seeds, 
so their next generations are more resistant to plagues also.

If it is found that the lesser mammals shown above
are also the helpful planters of the trees seeds, 
selecting the most auspicious location and healthy seeds,
sending thier own next generations into survivability also....,.
Then a very important missing link lives again, 
finding we already have keepers of the forest.
Discovering that man doesn't need to participate in its regrowth, 
rather back away, and let the little mammals redefine
the oxygenated future of the forests.

More firewood?
If the lame reason is said to be thus,
then thats a blatent theft yet again. as there is no way,
whether the farmer owns the land or pretends to own the land or says he maintains it for the property owner.........he is a scalper of the trees all around here and has proven this by taking rows of trees away from existence. The tractoring and hauls of firewood... for the obvious only, greed and monetary gain, stolen from our future.
This not a tree farm area,  at all. and if the fir tree was conveniently pushed-over by the tractor machine and driver specifically for a firewood haul, that is yet again a theft action. (see the reportage area for specifics.).

This overdone action is so dangerous that it is a lead up to not a silly joke war against neighbors, but a shade-toned far deeper into being murdered for protecting the rights of the planet, a very sad day, a day the habitating woman is pushed into unnecessary stresses. 

Aggressive emotives begin and the woman right here typing, is killed.
Now what do you do with the body as it is no longer in the bushes,
its exposed,  blugeoned and bloody.
           "Make sure its a cloudy day on your death door visit."

As they have to quickly bury her and fill the pond with her in it, with her car,
as its a rental it has to be hidden forever and quickly.,
The car insurers will only claim a non returned vehicle and hit her and her husband up for a fine.

And the murderers non-remorseful question becomes only,
"to torch or not to torch",
how poetic to miss america, her liberties to speak and type for an environmentally sustainable planet destroyed by her sudden "disappearance back to america".

"Murder anyone lately? is it a habit here? what is this truth-in-motive mr farmer,
stay the hell away from my person or else as is the norm in any over-abusive situation, some human will be killed.

My advice is .....
send your bastard minion drivers on the runways of dirt they already inhabit, for populous food sources, away from this asphalted hamlet road.
***Also those large machines damage the road surface.

Anger anger incites, is she dead yet!

As the farm machine operator has proven himself to be in grosse negligence of
standard farm work ethics, tree tending practices, not abiding to use the correct roads-to-fields.
(This hamlet road, may be a quicker route, but it is not a legal route for farm work usages, those usage access ways are on the field directly from the D road.)

Therefore, the farm workers are not welcome on this road and I reiterate the road is not for farm usage.

away from the emotive murderous moments here, 
there is a chance for the trees to heal:

In this instance, re-wrap the bark back to the cambrian layer of the tree trunks,
with tape and/or string and they will regrow healthy, after they weep a little..

The obvious is to report these actions as one is able,
to the internet and hopefully we can bring them to a stop,
ceasing their license of operation.

I will think of a layout design to use as for agricultural crime occurances,
to help others, as it does become blog epic-ry rather quickly.

As there always seems to be one more thing, 
that is important to the case,
as we are diehards to stop this stupidity from happening again.. 
The one more thing is..... All large trees and tree cutting events belonging to the  hamlet and/or nieghborhood become a forum, in decision, however, certain major decisions have already been pre-decided by laws and regulations,
certain trees of certain ages and statures are heritage trees
and cannot be hurt nor harmed.
The only discussion about those trees is whether to tourist it or not,
 obviously never running a sharp blade from a tractor near it.

Old growth trees
The fall of such a grandiose old growth tree back into the grounds of continued growth. Bringing the soils healthy insects, fungii and bacterial elements that replace new vigor and sustainabilty, into a refreshing of the grounds,
falling there and living another way, after a storm condition event.

A death by natural cases for any tree, one allowed to live into the old growth phase, is a respect we all need to recognize and find the fallen tree in its withering also a beauty that cannot be destroyed either.
Remembering that the old way of tidying back into clean lawn constructionism,
only directs us all back into being 'wheat-eating only' planetary peoples,
a suicidal order, to all of the others,  a jim jones type of decision, that renders us into its "kool-wheat of death".

Back to the particulars:
The pond area damaged is 20-25 ft by 50-75 ft.,
up to 75 ft. depending on the rainfall.

The ponds giant willow tree
(most likely a golden willow,
30m high or so, not shown in the photos, except maybe a few branches),
is living its life in its full stature and appearance, I believe it to be a heritage tree,
thusly, its habitat and surrounds cannot be destroyed,
as to be living near this rarity here that is a rarity beyond belief.
Therefore tapping into and killing its offspring brings a vengeance
declarity ...this over-farmed action,
being an attempt to stop the future renewal of its descendants.
It lives in a perfect habitude, near its constant water supply, the pond.

With any reportage, include as many details such as the photos and extenuating circumstances of a magnificent tree nearby, such as the willow,
that also has to endure this tragic fearic episode of "what the heck!",..........
"i was taking a snooze and then this machine starts romping on my plants, "go to hell, for tampering in my soils, says the tree, non-cartooned, and in the for real."
After so many life years spent situated, in, around, and down-under,
one can easily imagine and the wisely knowledged tree formulating matter itself
into find partners to fight in the cause of its non-destruction. 

So in the event, 
this type of agricultural machine operator destroys habitat near you, 
report the perpetrator of the crime, 
less be unspoken.... and his accessory to the illegal action.

Other actions such as using the tractor machine(s) to:
uproot boulders and trees, disturbing natural waterways
are also included as an "Agricultural Crime".