Monday, June 11, 2012

Queen of France

Reclaiming Lands Back from British Give-Aways

*badly written blog warning:

So there they have been ...buying europe like a plague of over-purchasers,
ordered-to by tv shows,
not using the euro,
buying through British banks and loans on British pounds.

The big easy the no-down payment needed loans,
to purchase and not maintain the land and properties of the planet
with any eloquence or future in mind,
aside from the directives of financial profits to self and family.

Handing over meadow and forested regions to farmers to mow,
and use for whatever they reason they require.

These are typical reasons the British have given-in to the farmers:

1.  Its Too big for them to maintain, they say, its only for a large garden,
so they need the farmers to use their machines, elsewhere.

2.  They say they must have the big machine mow and refarm to stop, ticks, the spread of those insects. This information is a false, the ticks grow specifically in regions non-diverse. less flora, less old growth, access to too much light, wind and sunshine, that is the bringer of those insects into fruition.

3. They all do it, give the land to the farmers to retill.
That is the follower reason, being like the others, the sweet dream...
dancing us all into insect plagues and a non-oxygenated planet.

4. Non aggitation reasons:
"We don't want to make waves with the locals,
as they may even break in and thieve from us when our back is turned,"
So the owners give away the land to maintenace rights, (Hectare after Hectare),
succumbing into the fear of losing a few precious items and the "talk about their sanctuary" to the others of their purchase class.
Their purchase class being ones who have a bank loan.

5. Letting Holiday Property
As seen on TV., well also the internet, pretty little house after pretty little house as the example, yet again follower syndrome to be like the others.
Forgetting that each pretty little house usually comes with 2-3-4 Hectares.
Hectares that were not agriculture, but they are now, no thanks to their give aways.
Those lands before had every opportunity to be natural areas, where even the wild pigs and deer would roam, letting that happen, letting the old growth fall as it may.

Now we are our here in hamlets and groups of houses surrounded
by over done farming. So the only answer for immediate bring back to our natural spaces
is in our tiny gardens, the 1-2 acres.

Claiming back gardens, front gardens... living with the darkened green mosses outside,
the chlorellic-enhanced light that breathes a different health into the air for everyone.

This reclaim must happen everywhere a house has a garden area.
Every garden we have is now the place where our forests have to live.
We can't wait around for a forest area to be designated elsewhere and rely on that action.  
The old smart sharing with the forest and house, is a respectful co-existence, that the old bleakened subdivisions need to mimic.
I am seeking out neighborhoods of the world that already co-exist with old growth trees, such as parts of larkspur, ca., and parts of salt lake city.
But the photos are too often
realtor sites with house-only shown.
The house in the photo does bother, if the road to it was excessive in length, but its the only house photo with older trees, I could find quickly.

Then, I remember, I can't type in older trees and hou%se,
because it becomes a misunderstood priority, 
so we can't seek these items together without google priority repercussions
of the wrong lumber commercialism websites being upped. 

Maybe someone at google could help with this problem,
as the search engine needs to be less giving to non-eco businesses.

Laying down the cards,
I have seen many US subdivisions and people already live together with tremendously old trees, in their gardens,
where the grounds foundation, under the house,
is stronger than before by the trees root system.

Becoming a major helper with earthquake shifts and roll stability.
The house construction needs to rest on top of the trees root system for the earth quake ride, as if in a basket or held in its hands, a helper to mr and mrs san francisco.
Concrete a definate wrong foundation.,
and a flexible, live foundation being the better choice.
Having live trees woven into a house, into all kinds of shapes and bends,
makes a flexible house that can withstand the bounce and shaking,
and the only major problem would be a cliff drop-off that happens in rarer locations.

A redwood tree's roots extend into a 200 ft spread similar to a web design. 
So san francisco's underground was woven tight, before the victorian build uprising.
Those trees also lived into the thousands, surviving the quakes that came and went.

As well a cut tree undermines this intention of foundational hold, it decomposes, (like straw directly on soil/dirt) the root structure collapses, releases gases and degenerates, sinking the above property.


The 300 yr-new, US land grab,  has left a remaining plethera of sustainable living, whereas europe was devasted years before that
by too many farmed meadows and wood required heat sources.

The bringback to european air quality 800 years ago, can happen, it's all about creating the law to protect trees and its enforcement.

Instead of sending run-off from bleached swimming pool water into our grounds,
year after year, hearing news reports again, another hemaphradite human is born.

With build-ups of China into americana living subdivisions and British give-aways we have lost a precious breath and now we are blaming, when we can barely breathe or speak.
"I blame you," gasp gasp "I need more air."

Old Growth Gardens
The heady environed air of an old growth garden is thick, and seems to be a non-easy breath, but one must breathe deeper there, not shallow quick and spasmed into shortened life cycle.
When large areas are allowed to grow normally they become filters and regenerators for miles and kilometers around.
They also do not feed mosquito growth habits, as the bat numbers are renewed,
living in old dark woods and finding their edibles at nightfall.  

In this excitement,
we go way past the sustainable farming objective,
into "neighborhood forest rewilding"
with more vertically grown gardens.

Each subdivision becomes a large forest
with a new tiny forest~ house to house,
with each inhabitant living with our redwoods, chestnuts and willows, etc.

And the others who cannot live wilding the lands on site, move back to the city. 

Stopping farmer give-aways:
In many purchased areas there are forests and meadows ready to happen and be renewed.
Land not to be given away to local farmers, to hobby farm as a maintenance giveaway.
Sold as 'your the stranger here' tactic, as a buyers purchase type of intimidation.
...intimidation because one may lose the initial first 10 % (the old french purchase way.),

In many purchase cases, the british property owners have given most of the land away to be re-tilled into infamy. Eyesore land... that cannot be walked on comfortably or enjoyed at all, for animals, persons or flora.

How to remove these old farm deals over land work rights,
is a bit of a tangle but they can be undone and it is possible....

Perhaps a forum group who specifically reviews farms and their work areas,
via land maps, where all parties agree to the land map, and then the group makes rulings in care of the agricultural and notary departments and the farmers abide with the decision of the group of jurors, that helped.
As there are so many properties to be reviewed and reorganize, a photo upload website for the map images can help.

Back to regional regeneration:
To regenerate the area, it may require a bit more animals other than a few squirrels (saved from the fur factories) to move-in, to replant the seeds and nuts.
The additional problem is if the area is enhanced to be a reserve for wild boars and larger forest animals, the hunters from one generation to the next,
seem to all of a sudden receive a bounty from the hard work of ecologists.
and our work to save the world is ended quite quickly at the firing from their rifles.
So protection laws have to be implemented that span into hundreds of years to support old forest growth life cycles and animal habitats.

The agricultural department has to regulate the law to the farmers that a property purchase on or near thier farming area, it no longer theirs to maintain nor be associated with.

As many can witness, the farmers giving free upkeep to the British and others, has parced-out france from its forests, and natural areas.

So the cuddly deal here, has been between the french farmers and the british property owners, and not the forests.

In non old growth areas, we have pictures of old growth forests to remind of the look, (notice the green healant hued-air), a look to use as a guideline to rebreathe the world with.