Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Queen of France

Property Earnings

The charts below details typical property earnings over a 20 yr time span.:

no property taxes, no realtor (estate agent) or listing fees,
online purchase, and selling,  and rent order taking
w/a regular one month to income wait if in good condition and wanted.
With no additional repairs costs or worker management of repairs, required to sell,
as those costs are included with the repair costs deduction shown above.
Repairs during are the property owners possible revaluation investment only,
and likewise to both government and home owner repairs, and revaluations, those items are purchased from building supply centers
that pallet for pallet sell only.... sustainable to the planet products.
Such as,
natural binders, resins, shellacs, straw-clay mortars (mixed for the region),
recycled rocks and stones from old buldings,  reclaimed wood floors,
slate roofing, doors, refurbished hardware, antique glass, 
along with milk paints, in every color imaginable!!!

Supporting no metal building construction,
as those iron ores are needed back in the planet, so we do not float away anymore, as well, the oxides are needed for greenhouse glass and freznel electricity supply to feed the people.

   The spreadsheet version:

The html version:

Revisiting the stresses of monthly payments implemented by the old method of property ownership, before the new world government:
Including monthly payment and earnings inputs for the same property shown above:
variables of either property ownership, savings at home or savings in a bank.

It looks good on site, the promise of a fortune all a 20 year quick earn,
until the truth, the driving, the overwork, 
rear view mirrored eyes finds another livin' deep in despise,
another slave living centration, hang on to another day, white boy,
keep pirating the planet, personal gain in the numbers upped day by day.
It says its your name, it says its your house, 
damn you must be king a new queen, 
a new song tripper bouncin to the beat of the money made reaper.

Sim sight simming new numbers, 
papered again door to door, 
numbers highrise again,  moneied exctasy delivered some more,  
the too rich new preyin banks all around,
thinking to be moneys owner heady scent money-love found, 
the drive by and linger,  
is a renter there squallering your secured-in future
your favorite slow tire loiter, no need to hesitate, 
soldier again and again that bricked in stand,
a proud price soldier,  money fresh no tank ever,
only renters to drown,
the owners, the house, that money,  
its seems as yours, want to feel it up, fondle how in query,

No withdraw that high, there's imprisonment there! ///
it is only property switch again-only money, 
never easy money to save a bear.

TV the view, constantly stressed in fem-men trousered in emo,
financially nested to the brim, haute-mode ugly perched and found, 
the new made woman examp'ed to the follower masses,
airin' it direct... bring those redwoods down,

ordering those tractors and "let's keep wearing more bitch ass ugly gowns." 

the love game of the rich, aveiled prenupped to you 
what is your net worth, "another extinct porpoise or two".

and now toke on your new found wealth, property owners, 
grouped up, majorin' as the populous masses, 
play it fake, elogate, smile quiet, entertain, and dramate 
whatever you want, marriaged-in moneys mist,
eco woman... eco man, wanna bee?  
just say no,  
n' keep drivin, be another "racist to renter" faschist pro,  

blythely manage lobsters deathed-in on your dinner plate
with the other worker ho,  eating hour of fate,

fate controllers, congratulations! 
keep that banquet, coming, fish flavor on the pretend, 
home equity that god damn house again.

remembered network entertain-only those "property owner friends."  

Stand in line, job work, day after day,
that loan officer is there for you, "to have it your way".

"Your original, an artist?, We have creative financin' too."
How special, how wonderful, the banks can bend them over for a few.