Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Queen of France

Squirrel Habitat

In finding the key to diverse botanical belts, around the world lies in the secret of its tiny keepers ....the lesser mammals.... who trim and rotate crops of decidious and non-decidious trees.

These keepers bury nuts and berry seeds and those seeds have opportunities to reforest in select areas, usually less over-rooted by larger trees, so they become the expansion mechanisim of a new tree grouping.

50 -75 tree varieties are the governments studies in finding, that creates a true to life squirrel habitat, bringing diversity in foods, housing and non-territorial aggressions.

These 50 - 75 types of trees contain 2-3 squirrels only as normal, which is hugely interesting, as keepers of that many trees to be so few and so tiny.

These lesser mammals trim the lower over budded areas, protecting the re-crop of nuts and berries.

They require many berry varieties and nut varieties and not just the slated acorn.

Certain housing communities have the luxury of diversity in trees from garden centers and those property owners compete with differences in tree varieties.

Normally those communities are the upper to middle class regions of economic bank accounts.

As elms hawthornes maples ash hickory pecans walnuts chestnuts haselnuts pines firs willows and oaks for instance can hold costs prohibitive to many people. We end up with too many hybrid poplars, growing quickly and in a short-40 yr. life cycle*, yet cheap to buy from major building centers.
(*yellow poplars live up to 450 yrs.). 

Some neighbors from these varied tree nieghborhoods complain of their tiny mammal tree-share properties with a childish vengeance. A squirrel ate my gymsuit? Yes, populations there have a chance to recover and even over-populate, imagine, although I haven't seen that in many years.

The design and happening of 50 -75 trees grown in diversity a one hectacre region to the next, is the duration of a typical humans lifetime span.

A lifetime? Yes, as many of the diversity trees do not bring themselves into nut or seeds for 10 years. And those trees are not hybrid, they are male trees and female trees requiring normal pollination also.

At 20 yrs they are not full grown, they are not mature, ....
Simply as a teenage human birthing too young its nuts and seeds.
after another 20 years the group starts to look like a middle forest with a canopy,
for happy squirrel leaps across. A canopy supporting a few squirrels, chipmunks, and bird varieties.

By 80 years, most have reached a top height and claim adult finally reached.
Only then is the area of those grown trees to be called a normal woods.

There are 150 varieties of squirrels, and many local once known varieties are missing.
I inject the need for a yearly lesser mammal count, as well as the birds.

Past governments have pushed squirrel hunting as an answer to economic collapse,
as the squirrels will refeed the populous when there are no other food supplies.
Extremely non-sensical as they are so small that one may as well go back and crunch sparrows in broth.

Always the meat need as the answer spelled out again and again by college bred field study government workers. In a world that no longer has this option, populations so fierce the query of cannibalism arises.

Plants and roots?
Anyone ever heard of this edible, and as I have stated before, even taking over football stadiums, soccer stadiums to raise vegetable gardens to feed the cities right there, and the people have a food safety net.
The city people are safe from supply chain economics and food wars.
The people are fed from thier own illustrious garden stadiums and it is a big easy for people to work there as gardeners and not the rely on farmers elsewhere.
Farmers who can hold cities hostage, waxing and waning from someone elses or their own agenda.

I guess that's all folks?
Well bugs bunny did try, to remove the gun toten crew from being an option.

Meanwhile some people must take the squirrel and soft_furred animal factories away.

Don't forget to witness the betrayal:

A woman who aspires her face in requirement of the death fur pungeations,
dotted makeage, man loves her in belief, a valentine score.
A woman who rejects herself, her being in association,
with ever eating or needing a drop of food and water from this planet.
A woman who rejects the past edible entries into her body,
sustaining her as long as she has ever lived.
A woman who declares herself the non-caring, miss disregard,
the store is always open, so she sees nothing that led up to that moment.

It all just arrived for her partaking, another diva eclaired in whey.