Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Queen of France

Tree longevity life cycles


There are older trees such as, Pinus longaeva 4000+ years.
and the norway spruce clonal(shared roots) from sweden, 9550+

Oddly the willows listed lifespans are typically matched to that of a mans' lifetime.

Therefore, the game is played at "its my right to take down others also." 
"my life was so much garbage, I have no power, except an ax or a chainsaw."
"its my life only , 
and the rest of you are otherwise negligible to my experience in living. "
Catering to an easy thought process, 
to go "postal" and kill members of his own human group. 

a death as a secluded suicidal-self, is not an option, 
as they have endured a living hell 
and must revenge something or someone else 
and the large tree doesn't always have a lawyer nor fight back.
also known by others as the wuss in the willows,
picking on a defenseless tree.
this type of a person is also a dangerous one on highways,  
empowered by a vehicle, "if I die, you die also."
women and children, 
"do as he says, and abide by his rules, to keep him stable."

At home, embedded as the non-empowered man 
yet a power father figure of the family,
entertaining civilization-rage death scenarios, to the end:

the quiet willed type as ...
The king upon his death includes, his horses, wives, maids and servants, 
and the torching of lands, 
so no one touches his former wealth, women or vineyards with wine.

or the at home dominator, 
enraged inside by feeling over-controlled by others... 

So, the embittered child of a man was given metal tools, 
most likely freely supplied, 
without earning rights of respectable conduct to others.

The tree branch sythe-be-gone law was enacted in paris, 
most likely one of the reasons due to the danger of rage and the metal weapon.
It does trim branches beautifully, a minor sad loss in gardening techniques, 
due to immature males, fear and provications.