Monday, November 17, 2014

Queen of France

Do I want to blog personal?

I have done so,
yet it always returns me into, deletes,

...they don't get it,.... they presume...
or ...they stalemate me with their conclusions,

A brief witness, into a self-allowed that types freely,
until the others trapse in with their conceptions
of "no".

"It's not our way.",
you're never free, the people of societal conforms,
as group of theirs, always, own your rights of breath.

Even a small group and you are not free.

Globally surrounded by directors of positional systems "of how".

It sounds the obstinate youth, moi, yet guess it never went away.
My size, is the reason, query it,
My female, is the reason, query that as the cause of injunctions against,
then what,  my hair tone,  and the guesses go on.

I was born, .... and they all appear to want.

They, .... being the humans.


Cool, I have an interview and probably will begin working soon,
if not already tomorrow for retail... in a pretty little shop.

Was that the want.
My case closed, the discussion theirs... spent into a sigh else,
onto another, to facet their drawls against.


I never said I wasn't a director also,
just feeling penned in,
by quick judges... rallying in tallies of; leisure activity and wealth allocation.

"Your bothering us again about finances, go away."

Isn't it better to know your own families, homeless almost,
rather than it being a street unknown?
Safer for you, wasn't I, at least for a time.

Now, a major employment is in play,
you won't have me... as your back-up lessor anymore.

Is that a bummer for you?
Now for sure,  your Christmas is..
a pace back to the salvation army bell
for another drops of coins.

Some families would pay me off,
just to fend the bell-tollers away,
but not mine, they act too serious about money.


what a family of un-fun brothers & their wifes, I have.

Merry Christmas already.


1.) I drank too much vodka & cranberry, Sat. nite.

2.) I missed church on Sunday and I feel little guilty.

3.) Ok. I am a bit jealous of that exhibition painter,
who gets to paint, in such a elaborate space.
Too bright for me though, for painting,
I need a darker space, like in a corner, with no spots,
back to van gogh's 'potato lighting'.

4.) The cutsie fix-it-up artists' mall,
Valley View, needs a "water-lily pond", in the middle.