Thursday, October 14, 2021

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ENET: Product taxation of Non-Eco Products

eco art
”How Strong is an Ant”,
by Carol Schwartz, at UEC

Creation of the ENET
Ecology Tax for Products Sold

Government Implementation

Environmental Non-Eco Tax; ENET a "Sales Tax" on certain products.
Goal: 5-10% tax rate. with 2% increases per yr,
to motivate the current non-eco companies to change their habits and materials used.
Further; To instate this tax across all countries, bringing a dedication towards our global plan of reduction for: CO2, Methane, CFC, & other pollutants for Cleaner: air, ocean clean up, & an allowed wildlife & biological diversity for; forests, wetlands, savannas, etc; for a Sustainable Future.
eco art
”Naturalists World”,
Mural by Dr Abe V Rotor

Taxed Products

Tax on consumer products that use industry or manufacturing methods that:
1) are Non-ecological
a) create pollution
b) destroy habitat
or if the Product is (majority) formed with:
1) non-sustainable products or resources
2) plastic ( oil refined) (except EV's)
fossil fuel vehicle, plastic bin, cell phone, lcd screens,
aerosols, vinyl paints, clothing; polyester, nylon, poly-fleece.

Tax-free Products

Items that would be free of the new environmental sales tax;
woven natural-fiber baskets, all-natural hair shampoos, cotton sheets,
bamboo toothbrushes, EV's, etc

Product Containers

Plastic containers that surround or hold a product, will disqualify the entire product;
To avoid being dis-qualified;,
the container needs to be modified into a reusable carton, natural fiber case, or glass.
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from Shaping Sam Francisco
Food items, including potato chips will not qualify as ENET sales tax-free;
unless sold in a sustainable container.

Career Opportunities

Sustainable Food product container designs;
will also become a new field of business for many new companies.

Determination of which Products:
Product ID "Voters"

The product list of all consumer items sold, (Government supplied, per country)
The items are then voted upon to whether they are sustainable or not,
by volunteers (with higher ranking points for each voter,
based upon, if their votes have been in-sync with the majority of other product ID voters).

Environmental Fund

The tax itself goes into an Environmental fund for the Government (of the specific country)
to further the ecological direction for the people and products sold.
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