Sunday, July 11, 2021

Queen of France

Creation of a Fair: Cost per Click Advertising System

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Fair and Just: Due to the success of Amazon

Amazon has a responsibility beyond all other online businesses to offer equitable, ethical and moral business standards.
This is a time, where millions of people not only need the generated online income, it's expected that they receive it.
It is not to be a Vegas slot machine, "hoax", rather a legitimate business model.
The ad campaign system, sponsored by Amazon, Google & Facebook, does not offer a fair business model. Thus far merely proving itself to be a group of blatant takers, when most sites can't obtain the highest results. The people who expected a fair deal...end up losing a bunch on money. Mega businesses don't have to run people out of business, work and into poverty.
The answer is for the online businesses to be held accountable and simply change their business model into a "fair campign system".
Any human rights judge would decree, the same as I.

A Fair Campaign System, is one that should:

1.) Assure that the click-thrus aren't found from online-keyword websites, with a chance of a "web crawling bot" to drive them into clicks.
2.) Make it illegal for advertisers to click on competitors items, else lose their account privileges.
3.) A maximum of 33.3% in advertising price, per sale to be allotted. The same business standard that goes for offline products.
33% goes towards ads CPC. 33% goes towards costs (wholesale value of product, business overhead & operating cost) 33% goes towards the (author or buyers) profits and livelihood.
because life itself was the point for most of us, & an income is required from all this tech-input.

Fair System in Example

a 9$ book: has an allowable limit of;
3$ towards ads purchasing.
3$ towards costs to print/ship (operating costs).
3$ towards profits.
6 clicks with a set price of .50 cost per clicks.
A 12$ book, would be 8 clicks at .50 cost per click.
The 33% for ads are delivered precisely with a .50 cent goal per click:
where with a .50 cent click, it is already known that only 3$ are allowed for that sale.
So, only 6 clicks (9$ book) are ever allowed to be sent per chance of sale.
Which stops excessive ads costs to the small business.
In this CPC design, the top listing place,
would be allowed for the first 3 clicks.
the second 3 clicks are further down on the page.
The sale is fed to the author, and based upon popularity, (ctr to sales ratio)
it may be allowed to go for another sale much sooner,
or it might have to be on hold for a few hours, for another chance at a sale try.
If the book is "So Bestseller" which is not most authors books,
then it needs a special location for its constant re-feed of ads.
In this way a good book is given an optimal chance of being found.
& the just ok book is filtered away from being a good earner.
In that case, the author would normally remove it
or modify it for a better chance at making a sale at the allotted 33%.
4. An immediate answer due to too much expensive competition, is that
clicks are to use 1/2 price increment, for each click.
ie. .34 .345 .35 .355; which allows for fairer PPC
without raising them exhorbantly, as is the current fashion.
The current design merely stops commerce for too many authors.
To the point where authors have to reduce campaigning, or never campaign again.
When amazon itself as an entity,
is way too responsible to be a "business keeper", of all of these small businesses;
and it must make the efforts to maintain our Economy.
A current business fail, for all of those authors, well, what is that suicide count?
Has anyone cared to ask & even bother to think about
or have they become the unknown soldiers of our time.


If the company went with the simple solution of #3 above, a set price of .50 per click;
then, all of the viable authors could participate, and gleen an income.
Instead the state of business affairs online, has become a
bloodletting experience & that is not acceptable in 2021.
I understand the staff may disregard this email also, and push me aside.
I will have to post this online, because times have changed,
& "We the people"; rely upon an income from Amazon, and not the horrid negligence, of the CPC robber system, as it is now.
Therese Vaux de la Fontaine