Saturday, June 7, 2014

Queen of France

Savings Increase Chart

With the starting year,
the new citizens with the pre-paid wage & departments are supported,
during the year to receive compensation.
The next year the new citizens are considered as prior citizens,
& receive the yearly amount.

After the starting years, ...the chart begins on the current year.
& if there for some reason,
is not enough to cover the new citizens pre-paid wage,
during the following year,
...I added in increasers & reducers,
with the reduce population choices of: 25% 50% 75%
and an optional by the month, (answered from the sales page).
along with the original option to increase the population from the kept savings account.

Sales to population “Savings limits” are based on each years property sales.
Anyway, in explaining again,
the property sales support the wage, departments & savings outputs.

The system is based on property sales during the year,
that allow for new population citizens, depending on sales.
A maximum #of new population allowed is listed in the chart,
& as the sales occur, the new invitees,
are included to receive their pre-paid wage.

Though the first years payments, are less,
because of the shorter year time-frame.
Their payment amounts are monthly reductions,
listed on the sales page.

With the inclusion of : new citizen allows :,
each new or prior citizen does not actually have to purchase property,
because the population allowed numeration are sales based.

The chart is easier to use, than explaining it.