Sunday, June 1, 2014

Queen of France

4 dudes & a house

The fighters persist that there is not enough payment:
to support the Kingdom, their retirement etc, etc.,

when all they do is put 10,000 each a year towards a property,
already given from the Kingdom.

In truth, at first it does not sound to be enough,
looking at the more exacting figures from my almost finished
updates to the property allowance sheet:

a property valued at: 460,000 over 20 yrs of loan time: 240 months 

4 guys:  5% loan purchased through a bank with no down payment.

with the Kingdom's yearly mortgage allowances grouped: 40,000 per yr

The yearly payment to the bank including interest & insurances: 39,343

Final sale price, at 20 yrs: 920,000
(doubled each 20 yrs.)

to the Kingdom:
taxation to the mortgage bank of 25% on its interest earnings: 67,148
property sale tax of 25% to the sellers: 230,000
pre-paid wage tax of 25%, from the Kingdoms pre-paid wage losses,(-800,000)
per person selling: 35,625 (142,000)

the original sellers tax, 20 yrs prior: 115,000
(not from the 4 dudes, as they were then buyers.)
total to kingdom savings 20 yrs before: 115,000 (#3. below)
total to kingdom savings 20 yrs later: 439,000

the 1 property in full circle returning: 554,000

The loss to the Kingdom from the free giving of their pre-paid wages
is vastly reduced: to around 250,000 for the 4 dudes.
or 62,500 each person each 20 yrs.

This is where other unique taxes,
make up the difference & pay for its departments.

the 4 dudes :
who initially received the free yearly income for the property,
are able to add into their savings: 547,500
136,875 each.

After the 20 yrs, chances are higher,
that each of the 4 dudes will go on and purchase again,
helping to fund a new taxation gain by being buyers
for a property within the kingdom.
Though if they rent, it is not a perjure either,
because those rents also help to pay properties to re-fund the balance.

If the 4 dudes also have specialized careers,
they will opt for a more expensive property,
thereby giving more revenue to the kingdom upon sale,
more taxation revenue...
from the Kingdoms initial 200,000 allowed per each investment.

So, the above example,
is kind of a worse case scenario on returns back into the Kingdoms savings.

Whereas a 1,000,000 property, 
requiring extra payments of 3,794 per month between them, returns:
1,400,000 in savings for the 4 dudes.

& over the 20 yr properties buy & sell life cycle, it returns:
after all the pre-paid wage losses are recouped, an extra,
170,000 to the Kingdoms savings.

Other Kingdom Revenue:
1.) & the other revenue from taxation of specific businesses or persons,
(including utilities companies, I forgot to add them in as taxable.),

2.) Earnings from loans on savings held with our Kingdom's bank.
The Kingdom bank that allows for; no-taxation on savings,
or a capital gains tax.

3.) The 25% from the initial sale of the property  20 yrs prior,
when the property was sold to the 4 dudes. as listed above.

These other sources make-up the additional pre-paid wage losses,& fund the departments of the Kingdom.
aside from offering other benefits such as, curing poverty,
the persons are also able to fund businesses for profit shares.

If in a look-thru, & the 25% property sales tax is not enough, we up it to 35%.

The 4 dudes can't be angry if there is an increase,
because the money was initially given to them for free to make the purchase.

When persons have savings,
they are a credit of value to society,
because they choose to protect it, rather than harm it.

There has been the balance upset between those want to protect their society
over the ones who do not care, if any of us live or die,
entering populations into a state of persons of dis-harmony, rather than help.

Way too many scary people out there,
I prefer to alter the "group" of these scary types
& stop having more of them enter into a majority of dis-tame.

Dis-tame being criminality of all sorts & kinds.

To alter these types of persons, economics, is a value,
as a passivation tool, a tool they do not need to understand,
merely live in the new choice, an option ...away from life as a dungeon dreary.