Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Queen of France

Getting tired here.

I am a bit tired and have made some notorious mistakes, and encountered problems stupid, with the text call box returns failing to 0.

Then all the extravagent changes to selection of population,
the 20 year consolidation feature,
with value holds of the department budget field of the first year.

Sometimes errors are not found out until later,
they have been easy enough to fix, though there edging me out.

I am creating the property buy-sell-to page next,

and I guess through this journey have discovered
more exactations of the Kingdoms banks workings.

Such as the Kingdom is the center participant of the sales,
where the buyer pays the Kingdom, and we in turn pay the seller and or mortgaging bank. ..........similar to a notary bank.

The major deal is the actual selling price is 25%
below the sellers original asking price accepted.
But the buyer pays the original ask.

The banks accept the existing sold property value of 750,000, as shown above.
Knowing that without the Kingdom, they never had the mortgage to begin with.
Because the prices had become so high,
that a foreclosure version of property crash was evident.

Shanty town living of the inner-city 4-10 persons buying one property to support the mortgage for a tiny house or apartment, has got to go away.

The extra 5,000 to 10,000 helps, but will it be enough?

That is the next problem later, not now,
as the injection of cash flow to the mortgage banks,
quiets their fears aways from excessive foreclosures
and of becoming possibly bankrupt.