Thursday, December 26, 2013

Queen of France

under age minor

who next to prosecute?

his mother or his father.

The mother dressed him up as a little dolly boy
in white jazz slippers to wear all over town.

and the father takes him to strip clubs.

Gee, I wonder who he hates more?

I married out of any possible puritanical knowances
from his upbringing.

A falliance discovered,
too gross a disrespect to his youth,
young love moments, gone.
Sickened into the easy wets of
females questing monetary tokens.

Chance who am I now,
as a woman decepted into the deviants of a man knowing woman as any.

I am disobliged to want to know any other british males,
as this father and son habit, was allowed to happen.

The page 3 girl device, as the mechanism of any woman.
Britain has been purposeful in that raise,
Raising dishonest men, cheaters, allowed-to's as a normal ready
to prove manhood and stout allegiances to it's culture.

Is that a foul predicament of spermal activity of any other,
that I have to respond too.

I'm run-over by his reiteration grouping,
allegiances with a million other males called brit.

Any guy? Any dude?
What person did he touch for so many years,
to distance me into any other?

Why pity himself to such a low?

The european sex run,
never needed father and son strip club visits.

He was abused, by the fathers allowabilty,
and inclusion of the underage activity,
which further penalizes the father as a criminal in action.

His parents are not welcome here,
nor anywhere I live, for any reason.

The father is a deceptive male,
that runs his own agenda of allowabilities
in association to women,
that has victimized and weakened my husband
from having a normal law-abiding childhood.

Kinda difficult, for the son to see the truth, 
when he received such inclusivity.

I don't know where the tally of abuse settlement fees rise to.
Because it is a begin to a life journey ruined,
his normal treatment to women,
sent into abnormal... of any ready woman available,
without any religious faith or law listened to.  

Yeah, I guess there's an age gap in the marriage,
but he was boyfriend-ed with so many girls from ballet school
and elsewhere that he was already 40.

In retrospect's call, of "robbing the cradle",
the phrase doesn't apply, due to his early-to manhood beginnings.