Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Queen of France

Artist Reconcilatory Payment

The damages are:
The willow tree
my left eye's vision,  damage to eyesight.

Other inclusive damage payments from the event...
goes towards whomever the property owners are, 
if they are not the perpetrators.
As the hamlet properties have been abruptly devalued.
The willows over-trimming:
I don't like it here at all, the new tree cuts, of the willow,
is upsetting to the whole world of normal decent human beings. 
Its a prison yard look, with only the trunk and a few branches of 4-5 ft,
no leaves, it is across the street in the direction towards the main road.

Prior to the over and above excessive tree trimming,
the tree was struck by lightning and lost one branch,
and only that remaining damaged branch damage
needed to be cleaned up.

No basketry, no tea drinking, no use of the willow tree as shade,
for perhaps another 20 yrs, if it survives from the chainsaw event.
It was the largest willow I have ever seen in existence, on this planet, 
and I have been to these countries and travelled much of their countrysides 
as a witness to the willows available, alive and growing as normal:
florida, mississippi, alabama, georgia, virginia, west virginia, new york, new jersey, connecticut, ohio, texas, new mexico (near fort stanton on a bwm property, next to a shallow lake, similar in hieght.), california, alaska, utah, idaho, colorado,  wyoming, nevada, oregon, washington, montana, 
and other areas of the world,
mexico (all the coastal areas and much of the interior), belize, canada, ireland, scotland, england, germany, switzerland, austria, slovenia, italy, greece, spain, portugal, france,, andorra, the benolux (belgium, the netherlands, luxembourg), and kenya.
We also need a heritage willow trees of the world list,
as I personally have only counted up to 50 large trees, from the above areas.

Proof of the tree's existence:
I have this tight photo,
on an early morning....

they are difficult to photo due to size and possible properties nearby.
However, the willow was used as a schoolchildren visit,
to artistically draw from, during the last 2 yrs.
So, it is verifiable to others,
in witness of its standing as a willow tree in this location also.
The largest exposed branches remaining are up to 18 inches across, in the upper cuts, perhaps that helps tree botanists in the discovery of its age. The circumference of the trunk, around 7-8 ft, 
I cannot visit the garden there to verify exactly, as it is too distressing.
I also can only check the mailbox for postal deliveries in the dark, 
as the light is so aggressive, 
that I may re-injure my eyesight from non-shaded blinding light.
This event is queasying, even on cloudy days.

The bat (chauve sourris) cave of shelter and their hunting grounds, 
above the water tunnel pond is gone also, 
and the occasional group of 10 bats that were once here,
have not been sighted for over 1 year, 
after the douglas pine from the cave shelter was felled with a tractor.
Presumably, they have lost this area as a habitat space also.

Another large historical tree, was also been felled,
1-2 kilometers away around the same time.

Eyesight Damage:
I continue on to the persecution effects from the event.
I personally have lived here for over 3-4 yrs, 
and the light of the hamlet is my predicament 
of allocated sunlight afforded to my vision.
Therefore in meaning, my adjustment eyesight of living circumstances, 
as light and persons habitate together, as is normal. 
Even in these overdone solar times, 
my personal organization with the shade of the willow tree as a helper
that was an alliance me with as a tolerant zone of non-effected eyesight,
has now been destroyed.  

The light from the sky is exposed, so much now,
that it is blinding to my eyesight.
So much so,
that opening the front door is a possible new damage event,
if there is no cloud cover.

I am pressing charges against the perpetrators,
who called the action into doing.
In this time of circumstances, with known lethal sunshine activity,
the willow was the only save to the people who resided here in this hamlet,
residing in residences facing south and west.

Property Devaluation:
The properties here, are ruined as a live-able space of normal inhabitance,
and sent into a cave-only style of living.

I have been objectified into a cruelty so inhumane
that I beg the higher courts of justice to retaliate in due course,
as would any ethical persons of law or jurisdictional skill,
normally "see"... that as the propositional course of diligent
and respectful action to the hamlet, that the persons thereby
encausing such actions of unsanctioned predicaments are criminal.


Artist Reconcilatory Payment:

As my eyesight, has been injured, by the direct sunshine, into a disturbing loss of vision to my left eye specifically. My occupation as an artist, of fine paints and other material artisanship enterprises has been hindered beyond repair.
Thusly, I include with this event of the willow tree, damage pay to my eyesight and further reconcilatory payments throughout my lifetime. 

I will continue to paint and draw, however, 
I am injured to the event of a constant macular strain, 
in one whites of the eye region,  in particular,
where the effect causes night-time sleep disturbia,
from the nagging annoyance of a pained eye.

My paintbrush slips lines, that I used to hold with able diligence.
 Therefore, I have been inadaquated into less, of an able self.

If someone of the lawyer ilk wants to help my husband,
or my brothers and assist in the case of retribution pay towards this event, 
I would appreciate it.
Yes, I can type, 
yet, I am disfunctioned there also, as it includes reading.

Sorry about my recent painting, uploaded today, dec. 25, 
it shows the new faults, from my new eye damage.
Merry Christmas to my helper readers.

It's "Turf Wars", the movie.

"turf wars painting"