Monday, December 23, 2013

Queen of France

gift idea.

More of an instructional blog, sorry poets.
Instructions are just not really funny,


Stop a video-a-day campaign,

An answer to the questionaire:
Have you destroyed any personal property?

"While exiting the bay area,
I destroyed the only video
there was of my parents having sex."


It's an easy anytime of the year gift,
of personal property destruction,
to give to your siblings and other relatives,

Instructions of how to:
Pull and shred the video tape(s),
unravelled all of it, 
then cut the celluloid films at obnoxious angles,
and leave it in a opened garbage can,
to receive a day of sunshine
with the possibility of rain.

If you have more time,
soak the celluloid, in water
with vinegar or lemon juice,
before shredding.

Shortly thereafter, the event of the deed,
leave that region of the world. ...

Knowing puritanism
of a few religions and of certain persons are kept.

Next and future generations, of the computer age,
are then optioned to risk the devourant temptation of displaying
their own sexual habits and viewage thereof.