Saturday, December 28, 2013

Queen of France


"Tell me its over,
the abuse to children stories from you on this blog.

Tell me that was all,
and then I can quickly forget the instances of each,
as they have not been timelined into a
chronical order of events."

I guess I was thinking of an excel spreadsheet with
variations of domestic violence.

Where we can rank, the domestic violence incidences
and the time frames of tenuous living circumstances
of our childhoods from there.

Into a cutsie list, so the above type of person of "Tell me"
does not negate the occurances as happened events.

Another pusher into our sadnesses, though,
is that, the "Tell-me" type of person,
is another type of killer to our childhood resolves.

Where the fun release of classifying ourselves
with those kids who received similar,
really only becomes the "Tell-me's" enjoyment,
and the info captures us into a cookie,
of another deed done.

Relegating their statehoods,
into "I told you so, a bad upbringing."
Varying us only into the side-show circus
of abused children freaks.
For their casual entertainment.

"Tell-me more"
Parental actions witnessed or happened directly to:

baseball bats to doors,
other intimidation weapons, etc.
axes to tables,
too much honey,
the plastic incident, a dishonest re-vision I hope.
etc. etc.

to either your mother, brothers or you.        

"oo! oo! oo! fractured elbow?
and the wrist of your mothers?
from whom or what, ...daresay."

They are into "Tell-me" like droolant lizards,
ready to engorge on another of our freak begins.

So much so, that,
how to rally the abused children grown
into a kind friendship with others like them.

As the bad boy motorcycle crew as a group
is such a wrong true.
All variable backgrounds, else,
so we ...the violent-knowing childhoods,
remain, excommunicated from others like us,
because the "Tell-me" group is entertained to sell
our situational to others
as persons of "disfortunate" beginnings...and group us explicitly.

Grouped for what, annihilation?