Saturday, December 28, 2013

Queen of France

Blog and Vlog tending

Blog tending

I have a rush into listing these blogs,
and often update, spelling or other info,
so only the most recent is the most current and up to date.

Sorry, if it seems to be a spam, it isn't intentioned as so,
An idea to fix it, of email resends on updates, if that is happening,
is to underline the new words entered from an older version,
then its easier for the reader to find the updates.

Certain blogs recently are a bit over-done with sp. error fixes, etc,

and the most recent blog of the payment list, with a tally of 9,
is getting into memory-grab-at recall, I have anymore?

I'm pretty sure,
I have put the most important settlements on that blog,
yet 10 little indians is still lurking somewhere in my memory bank.

and the last recent add, to its blog,
is a table of contents. as it is a piece of work to read-thru.

Again, sorry for the quick re-publishes,
I will try to not be so time-consuming in the future,
with errors, I'd rather use the usage time as a vlog talk,
where times are allocated to that time endurance specifically. 

My left eye damage feels scarred and is over-blinky,
needing dark to rest it.

Dance videos
Apologies to my little brother, who prefers my dancing videos,
I am not always able, as it is uncomfortable,
due to the critiques of my dance peerage class,
therefore, merely... a give of insult choices, to ready arrows at me,
as I am not in real professional shape, to perform.
As those times, allow easier the acceptance of their dissidence and obstructions.
I hear you though, as an easy bake video haul,
but my peers my peers, and me, hop hop oooh, a disaster. 
I just am not mooded into its possible criticisms right now.
Thanks for the time sweep into that category, though,
as perhaps you are an audience member who doesn't know,
the finesses' missing.