Sunday, January 5, 2014

Queen of France

fear raise

Childhood fear raise,

Not at the hand of strike
punishment in my direction,
that was for the boys,
For me, gains another sort of upset.

as I pretend sleep
in instants hurry, sounds provoke,
the have-to swallow, the fill of too
much honey, wildflowers dark,
a metal tablespoon filled with honey.
army issued spoon,
too fat in metals bulk, not again,
scratches risk of overteeth,
not again, avoid the honey
and do not provoke.
No ill. no cough, no sadness found,
no upset nor depress, else,
a have-to swallow of honey is found.

Quiet as tears real,
side my face, dark room of night,
let out, unheard, unwimpered,
quiet drizzels disfortunes ear wet,
locks of hair, and pillows overget.
Sleep freeze, into the true of unheard,
as tears fall rawkous loud
tiny rivers, in their wake.

Sleep sojourns,
the lucky of dreams chance
princess of my fate,
as night wanes into days next