Thursday, December 5, 2013

Queen of France

The Rule Pushers

The rule pushers...

In the decadence of a group that has been allowed
to be uncompassionate toward animals,(for instance)
in care and keeping,
the obligations of rules supercede their criminalities.

Those persons whom interrupt life with harms and diskeeps
are the rule pushers.

In my minds eye, I never have entertained the objective
to judge them into a rule, yet I have to...
as their wrongs outweigh
the occurance creative of another rule or ruling.

Personally I am forced to be a judge in many instances over persons and behaviour, in my time spent, while here on this planet.

Perhaps that is why I feel as to live in the silence of a judges quarters in a constance of applications toward the criminal misdeeds of others.

The nuisancers, the harmers, the keepers of misconduct toward others were all patently applied to rules and regimine. Why I must be that re-teller is simply an additional hatred push against me as an artist.

As it does turn me into a person whom has no choices other that to be a rallier against the crimes against me and others upon this planet.

To be forced to re-remind persons of proper conduct
is an obscene against my person.
As to omit all rules else known before,
and commit me as the only writer ever before known
to instate them into a public decree,
is to go against all rules ever written before by others.

In my dis-splendour of circumstances
I have requested financial assistance,
In my dis-splendour of circumstances
I have been over spent as a female in the disownment
by a particular village and persons near to it.
In my dis-splendour of circumstances,
beliefs given and sent to one man have superceeded me
as a person of any allows.

All the while disowning my place as an artist allowed.

Interrogating me into the constance of the capture from others,
to fret into the criminal justice system as my only sentencing of allows left.

To ruin a person into where they must be the re-writer of rules already stipulated,
in the current era 2010 and on, 
is from them to live as liars to that system and
ready themselves as anarchists against it.

I have been pushed to the edge and even where I am not an alcoholic tainted into drinking the practical pharmacueticals from the gathers of my vinegared wine.

That one afternoon, I expressed drunk and disorderly conduct,
if someone wants to write "drink and disorderly" down as a rule also.

Why a visit from the villages mairie later that day was festuned upon my residence as a preliminary action, after the fact of any drunkard activity,

Each visit he has presumpted into this direction of my residence is a tabloidal quieting that he knows nothing of my quest for financial and european involvement with my few presentations,
ie. the begins of the ballet embassy
and financial funding for artist supplies.

He has essentially dis-emboweled me as a person living,
in the raw, upon my daily thought processes to re-harm me as an individual and take obvious sides with my husband and his parents and my father.

A visit by that person here is a redirected action of a wardens take of a woman falsely imprisoned and accused.

There is no befriendment toward him ever in this situation,
and feel either by assuages from others of either political, commercial, or other financial containments, that he has usurped me as a person live and living.

He later that day visited the property,
Albeit I was in a suffrage state.
Presumptively a call into the query, is everything ok?
dumbified as to any ocurrances or
misdeeds toward my person of previous times,
a visit from that mayoral person is as a dull stabbing
into my heart from a rejective group of persons.

Bourgeouszee? is that his talent.

Embarassing dear sir that, embarassing, for who is that woman, is she of material wealth to care?

That is the explica of his tortures of no financial help.

Do some persons legitimize into a fantasia of allow
due to and because of bank account constituants?

As I have not appeared to represent the material entrapments of a digital bank account in wealth, I have been silenced here for many years. A captive by persons whom have decreed themselves as judges without even casing my litigations as a human allow.

In this instance this has become a human rights issue,
against my person, directly here in the frolic of a french countrysides pretenses.

Were you all waiting for some death miracle such as a suicide,
on my part?

An easy quieter,
an insignifigant woman misfortuned
by the criminal actions of others...
over-keeping a possy inventa upon her,
without a true criminal court system
allowed to partake its dedications of decisory
rights over wrongs and alleviate her from this capture.

As my pitiances of financial spends in the last 3-4 years have been these items,
I will requisition them into a list for your viewing:

1). food supplies,
from the major store in a nearby city and a few others.
2). 100-200 euros per year in knitting materials.
to provide myself and my husband with blankets.
3). a few garden plants to spur the provisions of a winters
keep, to insure survivability.

Any time spent or spends into art supplies,
or other equipment to provide a house with comforts
have gone elaborately into the non-allow. 

One time, an expensive gesso from Paris was provisioned.

To be given driving rights, during the past 3-4 years
I did have access to a vehicle rented.

The cars themselves were vandalized by others and
received broken windshields with each new rental.

I proceeded on a few occasions to the stores to look
to shop for comforts to this house to help my husband
endure the agony of his predicament,
looking for another house and pond.

His predicament is not the blog today, as that is all too often by others,
yapped into as a new woman in need
or a new life to have elsewhere without my person.

Somehow the group against me appears to think
the push further into my death journey is an appropriate...
in order to free him from person,
as if I am a leech sucking his life forces.

This is a case where I have been criminalized against,
and fortunes spent elsewhere,
damning me into a muddic death of who?
Never even saw or knew of the woman.

Beyond disgust is whom
these persons in coordination against me are.

Heavy metalbands next door have played at such loud volumes as to deafen and ruin my hearing, aside from create the obvious incitory
announcement that I am officially a tortured woman.

The bands? at the proximity so loud that nearby villages also heard their disfunctive practice.

Is that a doctors allowance? a new medicine for?

Is this a harming to a woman due to abortion rights and issues?

If this group has a called-into infatico of abortive woman killings,
then I hesitate for another female to move to france ever again.

That's pretty much all for today folks, hope you all enjoyed your daily blotter.
I sadden as to the knowing that my readers are cowards
that have sat upon their hands, in the doing of nothing,
while I cannot meander into the art realm of a toadstools paint.

As the translator, bent the paper and nearly tore my artwork from my hands upon my showing of it within the mayoral office, that day.
The zombied callousness was announced,
that she also has shown a deathic decisory toward my artisan allow.

A stated group of rule pushers
all that have endeavoured to continue with torturing me directly,
along with....

the obscene discomforts of already known persons
whom readily engage into discompassionate caring of animals and persons.

take care? as the proffered mercedes drives away.

Obviously a sequence of woman in residential situations
must be edicted into writ.

A written letter of declare from all of the women, house to house,
and apartment to apartment, that all is well and good to her person financially.

Or am I merely,
the rawkous preference of a women kept into an infamy of death spades,
by the legitimized signatories of a few persons.