Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Queen of France

The lower limit on the aging factor

In the culmative of a group of persons with an
organized knowledge of certain thought processes,
in example, that we have this particular way of eating or drinking,
it becomes a generalization of their status quo.

A status quo of events that becomes a ruler of those participants,
a tight weave that intersects them into a bond that discherishes
much newness.

As time sweeps those persons into the habit,
of the comforts known of a certain knowledge...
it is a distance for them to brain travel
into accepting another new outbound thought,
therefore unaccepted as an inclusive new thought-round
allowed to ego with that group.

For some reason as persons age they appear to
comfort cling into one area of knowing and knowances,
and any new partangles allie with the possible misfit of chance.
The misfit of chance is an interrupter to their casual comforted lifestyle.

Chance is for some to edit their eating, and habits away from too much dairy,
chance is for some the wrong doing of not sleeping-in on Sunday.

To imbibe into the thoughts of chance at later ages in life does seem to
re-interpret away from the easiness of adaptations and re-adaptations
known in youth...
further away from the known event of a new discovery,
into a no-chance offer.
As that offer includes risk,
a risk that may lessen their current lifestyle and comfort factor.

As the news shows journey into further feardom,
it is surprising many persons dare to travel at all,
or even entertain eating foods from another continent unvisited.

Therefore, my conclusion here is people are actually fighting the aging factor earlier and more so, due to the incepid possibles of risk...
such as myriads of credit theft gangs, etc, etc.

After the bombardment of irative wars, it is no wonder we are sent into the defines of a stoic aging that lives and parties less, as in truth there have been too many deceptors available on lifes' pathway, sent to too many persons.
Deluded youths in their 40's, life is an over, let the old habs over-60...
run a muck then, while it feels as if they win,
win as a child guppy rehash daily spent,
and we lose, as life itself has lost its intentions and meaning.

And no, a child does not deliver re-intention in,
only re-argues and interrupts the spirit of ones already known
... disenchanted meaning of experiences..