Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Queen of France

Diabeties gifting

Getting into sugar sacks of gifts:

Cakes informed with favorite company labels,

Sweet customary yearnings a child once had at youth,

Oranges over syruped, dipped into false chocolates and over-marmaladed,

Pie treats, cadavering ones veins into heightened sugar shock retrograde,

Candies in bouquets,
with formalized color entrapments,
containing excentric "E labeling colors"
of oompa loompic color-type volumes.

A sweet? a bit of britain to france.... sent from "home",
the tapture into the brain sensors once given into as a young child,
as a goodie treat...
to reconcile bad behavior, and used as a coaxing treatment lure,
to the good child in earnment, receiving his or her gift.

As a recent december rounded, an extra large sack, a grocery size full...
arrived, with only sweets, only cakes and candies from britain,

I request a stop of the over selling practice,
of that amount of sugar sweetened items,
to ever be sold to one purchaser from one store at a time.

As it is a gifting into disease.

Enough said? No,

Grannies make their delectibles and
cannot always change their recipes into fruit sugars,
well, we do resent them for that,
the over-gift... that they will not stop the atrocious behaviour
of resending ill health to their friends and family.

If one is a buyer of this repeated fashion, it is a direct ruin, especially if the persons family runs with diabetes already.

As through the years I have thrown away these junks from receipt,
they continue to arrive to discredit the veins of a mans life journey.

I will never forgive those persons in that stupidity of re-requisitioning
the sweets again and again,
as if a puppet clone filled their head... as a have to do,
it's christmas, a have to do,
it's birthday time, a have to do,
it's dessert time in a restaurant, a have to do,
your a guest at someones' house, eat what they serve you, a have to do...

keep up with that inheritance ole boy and inject away. I tried to warn you.