Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Queen of France

Dog fanciers

An interesting extra,
is into what constitutes the person claiming they are dog people,
or befriending dogs or breeding dogs for show.

The assumption is they are kind to most dogs and dog breeds,
and that they do not backyard chain dogs as imprisoned watch-dogs
while living in forever town usa.

However, the distinct opposite has been found to be true.

As one or several dogs are ridiculed and chained as hated extras,

Mamakitas of chihuahuas are bred indoors,
never to soil their paws near such ferocious beasts.


I kinda do not understand how one animal is kept as a sleeping beauty princess, and another is hated into submissions and tortures,
on the very same property of house and garden.

The preposterous fear-state of needing a watchdog is drivel,
as most houses in those regions of the world are already caged houses, anyway. 

This is merely an informant blog,
to the lesson I have learned...

that a walker of a dog down the street,
does not always represent a person
that is hospitable or caring to animals, whether dogs, cats or other.