Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Queen of France

A pitiance to a land driver

In a resume' past of an overhilled fortune into an airport runways take,
a bit of land I once owned
was over-swathed with road to journey the locals
deeper into a city that fashions the ruidoso mountains.

At the time I was at a vocal war with the neighbor as he attempted to widen the 15' road past the agreement, as was the written assignment of the purchased property, for the contractual road of easement.

the wooden markers, right and left, were my 15' reminder to the dozer persons.

After leaving the region, to my sadness the 15' easement road was apparently doubled. The new doubled journey through the mountains of capitan to the airport will be quicker, only of course after the... mineral elements of the area are removed and sold as mountain resources available to any buyer.

I believe my lawyer in the case was not great and sided with the residual easement person. If he sided because of knowledge into the extension practices of the obvious build into the airport region to capitan, well, then he is a proof that not all lawyers side with their customers.

A warning goes to any persons living in the region of capitan to the airport on road sight, as that projection of space looks to sold to whites specifically,
whites on the need to remove themselves from
el paso's sainted dream of desert warmth,
away from the mexican population war
and into a quieter place
where the waried eyes of rejective racism from either side are forgotten.

So, the warning is to that expansionism, and yes I too heard the dynamiting
and underground explosives going on between my land and the airport.

The explosives were going on for the several years, while I was living there and were disturbing to live by, as of course that is a company who has too much power, that my little person cannot attempt to ever complain about in nearness to the situation.

My hopes go out to the persons whom have built their small landsakes, that they do not end up with a double wide easement freeway, in front of their get-away from it all house.... a freeway or train tracks,
partitioned and requisitioned out to be yet again
another population drive known as an "upgrade".

I presume they will tunnel the mountains,
Try to remain calm, as our lone efforts of anxieties to stop these futurements,
of their purchases, are all too readily stomped on...
by the beckons of a look at their bank accounts,
and their succumbsions into a greedy powerplay.

All too often the want of ones desire of a land sake, merely is a helper to the myriant truth of an externals objectives.

As the freeways are and were funded by the government
of new mexico there,
the direct inquiry is to findants of persons belonging to
the collected riches from the freeway project.....

ie. board of directors stouting jobs to the area,
silent partner ownership gains,
owners into the turnover of land and residential sales,
earn-ance into the entrusted endowments
of political allegiances and commitments,
all a major opportunity for those persons and companies,
in this region and others...
before and after these major road builds occur.