Monday, December 2, 2013

Queen of France

Lindt company and swirlic delights

I am sending a financial "hello" to the Lindt company,

meaning. they used my artwork to be the creative spur of one of their latest chocolate advertisement.

I understand, it is difficult to locate art persons at times, and I am oddly thrilled at her new vibrancy in human form, dancing on the car hood, however, I guess I need to re-remind that I am due a percentage of the sales bump during that ad and royalties from the chocolate sales in the remembered thereafter to consumers.

The artwork used for the incentive of the commercial was taken from my artwork site, the link is in the above bar,
it was one of my character dancers tauting her new swirl look,
(the one in the pink leotard, w/point shoes, and her new hair design).

Somehow, a bank account will shine my way, and perhaps I can live from those royalties, thank you for your persistance in keeping the danceworld alive as an active commercial relegation that superceeds the mundane and its daily babbles.

It is a commercial, that is unforgettable, thanks to my disheartened financial uplift. Please do not pay my husband. as this would be my special account only for these royalty incentive artworks to be musterded through.