Saturday, December 7, 2013

Queen of France

Truths into continuance

Sorry for the length in these blogs as of late,
but in cases of restitution,
the implorances of information are saught
to gather truths away from the edibles of taudry gossip trees.

The small interrupt...
it's her fault or it's his fault
a simple irreconcilable difference between the two,
to instate a divorcement of their persons.

That is the procedure spent upon and learned by the
witnesses of TV's discovery again and again of
splendourific fates with marriages and relationships gone awry.

The too easy fails in this predicament,
and swamps further into a series of more information requested
to ascertain the involvants in the situation.

Its gathers presumptions that the pointed fingers at the woman,
here (me) are dedicated to endow her with an over-drama throne.
A woman whom cannot tone it down, and the writtist plether with,
get away from her as she is too insane for his kind man to gentle with.

In insanities doing of experiences with,
I requested a hospital for personal protection,
as there was no other place to turn to in
his dedicated predicament against me.

Instead I found an opulent spend,
a journey into deviant health practices,
and fundings over given to insure persons are over-captured
by discredited doctors of analysis.

Archaic methodoligies and commitments to keep the reinstatement of paranoias into the persons living there. It was not a health state institution, that lusters with the props of betterments such as organic foods and normalacies of a safe rest with a purpose of healing and return to society. Rather a regular sighting of intimidative straight jackets to re-despair the persons living there.

I thought france was up to par with its health mecanism
and have found it to be disturbingly otherwise.

What a shock, I found there,
from my tell of a nightmare and a spend of one nights duration.

Over-wardened ownerships,
keys over-locked and ritualled for the doctors specifically,
and the persons resident exposed to their cruelias
of over-dramatic ownerships of their persons
via their paperwork involvments and decisionry.

Straighten up and fly right,
behave as well intentioned children,
that are adults now, ...
downplay the initias of truths to give,
and perhaps you too can find yourself removed from that residence.
An analysis group that holds itself richly
that a tale of lies and less than truths, are the only way to leave.

A place so scary, its brubakeran in its concept.

Luckily I have the ease of commitments to gather myself away
from those callers of own.
However, its does not go forgotten, by me,
and readily feel it insights persons
into a mentalia scare they have never before known.

A stuck with me, for the rest of my life,
a ruin to my happiness just by levels of knowing,
a rupture into my good and benevolent character,
an idle into the distrust of more persons
that engage to walk upon this earth.

I feel a personality ruin,
has occurred from my simple want of a protected one night duration.

An attempt and a re-attempt to sour my disposition,
and complete it with the arguement that persons rally toward evil first, in precedence to good.

I call to myself inside,
what happened to the Jacques Cousteauian france I was sold on TV.
The france where persons are not surrounded by a zombie state of population. 

The real, the actives, the makers,
the persons whom create and discover life anew
without the leachers of misconfidence,

where are those persons who tidy away from old predicaments
and remove them from pertainments of occurances allowed?


I sense I have many enemies already due to my political beliefs,
and perhaps those small pettiances
are where each of those persons remain...
to sit and jurate against me.
A rapturic place, a place to specify a knowing.. a wrong from her,
as their group commits into that tight pile of thoughts shared.

A refinding insumps into the paradise lost, as a sad joke from them.

During my stay here,
in reaction to the obscenities spent against my person,
I returned to dance as a safe harbor.
My only requiem allowed, as my singing was injured by other.

I am not an attempter here to define my husband as an evil.
I believe someone has pulled him into a negation side
against me and on purpose.
If that side is for him to live,
over the extent of any other,
whether by threats, tones or other predicaments,
he would do as the threateners request
and attempt to survive even at my expense of living.

In this decadent time of parental harassments of inherital owns.
A man is too scared to journey himself into the decrepid initiatia
of cements and barter his life of survive on the city streets.

A disownment then, becomes his give too me,
and I understand that easy male decision, to live or die.
As it is a death sent to him, if it is to journey
into the direction of homelessness and life on the streets.

It's him or her to be homeless then. Is that the parental class?
The class that scours their atm withdrawls and penshapes their benevolence with a few taudry donations here and there.

As the threatener
now calls him to dispend amounts to the water bill, paid forthwit,
I believe he has been allied for his life to live...
over threats into other.

So I am merely a pluckant disown,
that vendettas keep well and handy into a persons ruin.

I wish I knew who the threatener was. It would resolve things easier.
As he has removed himself from the eu, I believe he is in a coordination to stop the threatener in regaining any further momentum against me.

No husband wanting "out" goes to ruin a wife in this method.
It is not a normal situation.

There was a non-disclosed surgery he had, several years ago,
and I do not know of the doctor, nor where it occurred.
Since that time, his personality abrupted changed on me,
opposing all I said, for quite a while.

If the caller to his surgery was a woman,
then perhaps the pain from the event,
reinstates women in general..
as the doers of the deed, and causers of his pain.

After much of the heavy metal revibe and blasting went on, my husband  left, and I was left here in this house, only to receive more initias of the torture on my own.
Is that dramatic?
Is that now a call to me of a woman who incites hatreds everywhere?
Why was the disownment of legalities to those persons allowed?

It is possible my brain vessels had hemoragged from the noise.
And only now, after these many years has the swelling reduced
that I can commit the series of events into write.

I have reacted with full concepts that I could not tell,
what happened, for many years.

I made vlogs and brought what was left of my personable character
as best as possible to the camera state.
The camera state bringing actings and truths.
And yes, with full knowledge I am slurring in many of the immediate vlogs at the beginning. Slurring due to a stroke I received.
From the humilitant of disbreath, a stroke therein gains.

Hows that for a non-invoking of a husbands doing and allow.

A visit where he has been is in question,
as throughout the last few years he has over-taken himself away,
without tells of the where to.

Perhaps those visits of the where to he took,
will lead us all into the answer of whom
this final group of threateners really is.

Recent deceptions and readies into speeding tickets,
a personality change on him so abrupt,
that I stir the involvee query here, into that of a scared man,
that feels doomed chased by others,
whether financially or incapacitated in reasonable allow to help.

Where are you, proposant persons?
Did he render a peerage known woman
into the ridicule of duck collecting,
while, I journeyed away to clear my thoughts of marriage
for a small time.
"How dare she, endeavor a work effort to that peerage known woman."
Is that the consentee of writ, that re-stirs the pen against me.

A slave class under,
tampering with the hands of the idle rich.
Is that the callent that lives to ridicule me
into a death here since the past years.

A disminded woman of political allow,
political allow...
as she has with all appearances that of a property owner in france,
by her and her husband,
therefore, I feel she,
"over-embellishing her pompenstating indifferences to others,
as that of the spitiant working class,
a class of persons bereft of allowable function,
only payents of work",
as a person furtherly involved also..

Involved against me, as on that one day,
a venge stirred out, for she was the new into under-slave person
from my predicament of choice, to go away for short time.

How dare she, 3-4 weeks of get out and then return to pay.
How dare she ever treat anyone that way again.

I render to call her as a misfit,
disallowed to rent and collect surpances from other persons.
As she has mistreated them, into farient states of travel and
disrefuge for the gains of her monetary predicaments.

That's all for today,
as she truly has over-tired my person
into a quantal state of "what a rupturic decider",
as she attempted to queen the world under her false reign,
when she has no rights of person or bearing thus.