Saturday, December 21, 2013

Queen of France

now, learning its new

a day-fight gaining round,
observance from my space,
to another place,

were gandis children
twirling thoughts
contented quiet
creative luxuries ground.

now, bruises quick,
in pertinence of dreams other.

controls without denies 
denies go to someone other.

raw steak,
a huge slice,
a cut of beef for chuck stew,
symbolias eye
raw steak, held high,
victrolia dog spot,
was the look of now's new.


back there, the time of his now,
runs your hold, and you aren't free,
no time to power...
flowers quiet,
or bold, on sights of see.

expressa into impatience gain,
now, bing bongs the scur,
flowers of life
with choices of their,

tighter rules, busys else, again.
times regulated overtune,
breaths shallow
in overkeep and kept
now, a new way to quieter you.  

it's a robbin' there,
robbin crystalization,
dullin' and dreadin',
disturbing free,
to live easy, create and be.