Friday, December 20, 2013

Queen of France

acting out

acclamation to a tough raise,
acting out, to save him in some way.

Naughty bratties, acting out,
were normal to others as punks about.

The spin,
corporal punishment respins
allowed justice
in the house of begins,
were bad kids,
not wise enough
he had to,
he had to treat us extra rough.

The quiets, those children are acting out?
protect him, were just like the others,
I have to loud out.
he's only getting correctionals
of a have-to belt out.

that argument continues on into spin,
it's not the father,
its the children acting-out
as if it was their there
and their then.

In retaliations despair,
I decepted store products for a time there,
smashed angel food cakes,
talling satisfies of lies,
ridiculous sugary plumped-up overhigh.

Boxing training... even went on for too many nights,
why the heavy weight have-to game for me,
punches at the palm,
what is this, a protect from pervware?
I sometimes don't care let them take me, away from there.

20 - 30 punches to the palm...
to the right and then the left,
routined with little brother and me.

"hit me... I deserve it.",
he says on the speak-out there.

what is this,
my mothers swan
yet again ramped into forget. 
another heavy word at
his school of learn.

acting out,
did she act out as a child then.
"why yes, actually...
I had to belt her once or twice."

tantrums, rewrite me... into that snare.
it's called tame your child day,
how do you dare?

tantrums, once or twice.
the third at real school
in public view and thrice!.

~help, help, please release me,~
is that my real dad?
writer of the records tune,
where is he... that regular life,
where I'm given away
to some type of gallahad with no strife.

Black dude on the corner shattuck shouting out
rainbows of love, everyone there,

I'll be your daughter,
in the way back then,
send another lovebow out,
people need 'em,
I see you tiring out.

too many so's going out
too many sads on people
lifes exista overspun about.  


Are we learning here?
sweet child of mine?
that's even a harm to ear hear.
dejected female youth-child
a tantrum female near.

Every child is different,
add another book to the stores list.

How does masichista overlord,
rise outta this?

"beltings to their bottoms, in spankings overdare,
 better than barehanded, a practical theft,
to the young child female there."

ok, ok..
and the fights slow up
yiddy up,

why zume modernias learns
into such a dragdown.
"his momma belted him."
again and again as the go-round.

i guess i'm pervware,
yes, i guess so,
i'm way too wanton
back then,
for older men
to get me out of there.

into survival, that's all.
my brothers, 
are into their own fear walk,
into walks and drives fast of speed away,
tickets, journeys out, anything,
just get out.

more weapons,
did my mother bat her lashes,
or twist some curls on mascara's cheap.
was that an attempted drown-out
in that long time ago of tressley sink?

too ugly?
he always wins,
mr mortuaire for a summertime.
damn, all children conclude,
yes, that's a total no want
to ever re-hear.

into makeage,
I didn't write the bible at all,
it's catholics of memory overhaul,
coffins open, into looks at,
stoic memories of those recalls.

We all are sorry for him now.
How about another line of work,
anything, sell drugs,
anything else,.other
than the make-up man
of their overlist.