Thursday, December 19, 2013

Queen of France

ramps and steeps

On the roll ramp rides with the overflying way?
get in the car, and feign another regular day.


"It's my car, and it's how I want to drive."

How high is the ramp-up
it seems to get higher all the time.
it's under construction,
why use us, in this risky scare.

I don't causate a thrill as the 4 wheels plunk down,
heads are looser, found a new ceiling in town.
"I never hit her,
reckless driving,
the cars needed more padding that's all."

poverty stress isn't the theme.
It's his reactions to our uncomfort seen.  

steeper, a 4 x 4 with his new keys,
...wonders to a roll-over with the family in there.

"why are so scared, who's the big baby back there,
ruining fun with your brothers and me."


He's just our dad. not sir gallahad.

where do you go?
when they play a rodney,
boasta of passive, as the new tone.

outer forget.


looking for...
culpable and accessories
that allowed his crimes to recontain us therein.

ringtones any helper cousins, aunts or uncles out there,

"Go ahead, book-in your kill to me,
adults fessin' their completely free."

"he's reformed."

leave that quote,
just in case./


write the list...

money gifts into forget.
guess the restaurants were over-rated.

"that's all we wanted,
her critique, of foods in review,
never far away, at some dancing fete."

You're too far away,
I can't use you,
when reform,
undecides in my mind.

its past times

those are baseball bats
with doors overkind. 

ripe it in, to a 3 sentence jam.
green eggs, green eggs and ham.
sad statement, the world is going out.
as in mean whiles,
it was divert, over-rang.. and over-rung,
spending lives into telecoms over-won.