Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Queen of France


The mother didn't really drive before
and they didn't get along,

Her new car ever, was plunked desertside.
wonder to the who?
"It's my type of car, and my decide."

no caddies on allow.
what's with his vendetta
panning the engine into burnout.
friends of his?
slowing her, to the speed of his tires.

an eschalon grabbae.

ab 'rupt-in... a new upper displayin.

stolen, to levels low
marajuana havin' to prison some go.

chains, obnoxia, regulating,
and their not for snow.
communicating overlarge,
chains in hand,
maybe he wants a fee or so,

sculpin' out the chickens of men.
new territory, ...
just new territory to roam in.

running the rescratch
turf stereo override,
going back, to the romans and greeks
listing their weapons as a re-specialize.
chains out, obnoxia,
still regulating,
send him to belview,
and marry anyday.

too much juarez they say,
blame the piano, improv
that was my mothers way.

Accessin' music, her decide,
journey with ganglands crew
to release musics confides.

jazz improv, the sounds of new.
her music, and her decide. 

You'all usin',

Using that parental drop,
using 20 as their easy stop.

A domination drop?
demandos from others a-have-to as a parenting stop?

the reason and the why...
foster them off, back to the pilgrim mormons someway.
society law wouldn't be allowed to take then away.
Drop'em off at grandmas,
free to go elsewhere with his responsibilities high.
he's not an ouster, he'd rather shoot than die.   

You'all usin',
20 as an easy stop.

That's informias to all,
kiddies with the leash goin' round,
ours was only invisible,
quiet on the jangles
transparent metals oversound.

let it be?
there is no walking away
he's too much cereal fed to me.

fun up...
He's just your dad!

yo yo yo mother fucker yo.

I'm banging on, gonna shoot... the piss ass dead. 
3 shots, booked-in with lead.

gangsta rap
all on my own.
blink blink
does he plain out as a no think?

a liar all the way through.
trust, in god,
he built enemies, a few.

danger danger

tapped a fixiae,
that's all.
a fixiae, completely squir d
to ramp up the other way.

opposatin' peoples lives away.