Sunday, December 22, 2013

Queen of France

tennis idol

Overdid it,
an idol there,
rackets and whites
a success,
hypin' into the road
of sports fair.

a charm to
my mother there,
leaping out,
desuccessa is the unfair.

I have a tennis bro,
hyped into masters,
captured into win
an easy life,
with those 4 squares.

supply supply supply
the list goes on,
tennis balls,
wooden rackets
retwine and retune
applaudation call,
...sissy boy,
...retros as fathers fare,

sports drink special
mothers secret makes,
what's in it,
what's in that sports shake.
that boy jumps higher...
than dudes freein' loops
into holds take.

clothes extra
while we beans ate.
rackets into metal,
a successa there,
he's our cool,
our out into life's fair.

send him back into,
there's seniors out there.

states of limit,
sissy boy
tweedling with
dums dare,

means of average
go play football,
its safer to run away
from there.