Sunday, December 22, 2013

Queen of France


words wind up cruel to mammasita,
boys divert rebellious loud
act like highed-out zapatistas.

over-focus and overhoning in,
randomize new chaos
stop another dwell ...  
timing of his there and then.
'this is how you raise them',
bread recipe, his orders of bake.

shout at me, 
the next rebel, me,
acts out,
divert another bread
at his purpose of bake,
since I have a shifty eye,
extra... during times of quake.

flours all white de-natured clout.
what is this, unable to create out.

sopaipillas, empanadas, hand-spatted tortillas, 
machismos, get your minces out.

she didn't bread that way,
that's another why ... he flipped out,
it's be another hag witch
or get your sopaipillas out.