Sunday, December 15, 2013

Queen of France


Why are you so cruel to me?
Why are you so cruel to me in front of your children?

"Its you. You did it, you provoked me.
It's your fault, how dare you insinuate I brought this on.
You provoked me.
You caused my anger, You pushed my buttons.
You pushed me too far."


What is You?

A woman who is decisory in the truth of a wrong?

a critique,
an opinion,
a voice a bit too loud,
an interrupter,
a flirt with other men,

Women who try to speak to a dictator,
these relationships don't work.
women accused of parading themselves
in the eyes of other men,
these relationships don't work.

The dictator is provoked.

ballet training and posture of proper etiquette stances
fail these type of women.
As they are too proud, on sight. too proud,
and the posture call from school training with books on the head, be a correct woman, is a cruel information,
Re-exposed to the dictator personality as posturing again.

Posturing, exhibits attitude, stability...regimine...and rules...
and with that attitude, the possible of defiance.

Changes in posture, around other men,
a relax into "help me" "save me" he eye-spies it,
and it points to him as a before dangerous human.

Damned either way,
if you have posture to tight or mingle into jovialities of freedom.

Getting it just right is a fine line, no woman can live on.

What is an obediant female.
I miss that mother who aloud asked...

"why so cruel to me in front of the children."
as after she was silenced, somehow, with a few rare outbursts.

The tangle in of argument.

The keeper male, enjoys the conversation with the female.
They share a communication together,
and the mother is feeling part of the experience
and held together by their bonds of relationship and matrimony.

There are points, as if everything is ok to talk about,
and then the world turns into another direction,
and the conversation is ridiculed into an argument that he owns.

It's a trick,
because the woman was involved with the predicament of
interest into the topic before.
Allowed to include her stance of words and choices.,
then somehow, along the way, she went to far and provoked.

In the rage syndrome of provoke,
there appears to be no collectant helper
to stop some of these men.

I've tried "no words",
but sometimes I can't stop the involved-into
prior conversation that was allowed.

In my case, sometimes,
I strip naked and run outside, rain or shine.
I try lots of ways to stop the excesses of anger.
As those excesses can commit him into a prison or my death.

I can't stop yelling sometimes,
perhaps it is a fear state from oxygen deprivation situations,
what's with the water?

Is that something men do to women in Britain, a woman cries,
and she receives a pitcher of water poured over her head.

Is that british? Is that a cultural difference.

What rat am I in this experiment that no one helps.

I kinda want to live,
and I don't understand the fast excess
of hatred gather against me.

Do I wear, the ugly aura, of the bad fear state from my childhood,
and it is an attractant to certain males to hurt me further.

Do we naturally read auras that way.
and I represent a weakness female that is to be removed?

Is that my party, looking for,
the man who, has a fear state aura also,
broken, chiseled and harmed by others.
Is that where love for me lives?

provoke, and its gained power,
using women as the cause of violent behaviour.

We need to talk about it now, and
we have to make these violent occurrences from happening.

No matter who you are. young or old,
this is not about hurting anyone,
personally into...he is or she is "aggressive"...

ha, ha, a snicker behind in a jest.

We have to resolve violence with the human race.
and catering that you have never received it
propels into more victims in the future.

Sorry, I am not great as perfect, and not a quieted female,
I am aggressive?, I absolutely have provoked to some degree,
but what I am discussing here today is the male that cannot calm down,
the male that cannot stop hurting,
those males, are the news stories that plague our world.

The aggressive thought-thinker female is accoladed in business.
The new female is opinionated and strong and owns predicaments of enterprise.

These fights seem to lower her stance in accumalation allows.
Accumalation of wealth and directive capabilities.

I don't want to be an against-violence spokeswoman at all,
but who is? Is anyone?

Why would any man put me here in this situation of serious.
when I am indebted to be only a fun and relaxed person.

I did not need the new technology of a cell phone with image
or video capture shoved in my face,
when I am in an arguement with the other person, holding it.

.....Looking to all, its her. , she's crazy or something.....

That device is the same as the glass or pitcher of water,
or deafens to my hearing, that device does not help.
It is an exasperate other, an add into the fight device.
That nettles the hell out of the argument occurring.

Inadmissable, captured agony,
as the run-up to those events are unknown.

Why the camera phone? What was that upgrade for.
Is this the next of men, in allow,
the next tech item,
in how "we can pursue women into further hells."

Reiterating again, in the name of god, our heavenly father...
another hell of woman, in experiences lives again.

If science proves auras are in deficit from violent beginnings,
then we have a new truth. ,
but it would not prove or disprove the god factor.

Yes, I know I type today...
as an angel in recollection of past hells known.
somehow sent into the next level,
and feeling persecuted for telling any truth.

Therefore coerced, by the spirit of situation.

I like to be a solitary person, yes,
but in the excess... it disturbs persons into interrogative tactics
that are inappropriate methods for any to reconcile with as an allow.

You get used to it. being alone,
yet one wonders of what swamp of lies and half-truths
have allowed this solitary instance to occur.


"Looking for"
....women to write about their past associations

with violent episodal marriage(s)
and their childhood experiences.
Is that a career? does that qualify,
am I a professional there?


what causes her outbursts? Is that your condemnation easy?
just the word "outbursts". A last yelp from strangle?

Where persons of government,
use deaf, dumb and blind, in a disregard of help.
The non-assisters, a government anarchy of non-assisters.

What came first, the yelp of outbursts or the strangle?

Is that what we are discussing?
So she spoke out, and I strangled her a bit,
and now she yells sometimes a bit extra.

Are you mr. government official and parental class of ours,
attempting to egg me here as the initiator of yell
that deserves a good strangle and suffocation.

Are you a dentist-at-home practitioner to your children also?
Father knows best? under rights and rules of hierarchal examination allows.
Get out of here, knocking at my door,
I never want to see your governmental face, ever near me again.
You have been an accruant that furthered his attempts to hurt me.


I jest now, into a cuss...

and yeah, back to childhood,
let's go back to movie offererings
of his decision against my mothers wishes.
Taxi driver?
Did her little girl need taxi driver and
all its cussory sounded full volume
through the drive-in window?

Yeah, mr anyone,

...I now profess love to handle extra your decadent propulsion of vile slang,
as my father outlayed it as a guideline for me to receive.

Is that my woman state, to bow at his feet as his slave female?

"I raised her well. she's successful to me."
Used as an external posturing in front of others,
and that fatherly resume is sent and re-sent around.

Containing all persons and relatives and friends
into the perfects of dollhouse imaginated living,
when the actuality at the back of these houses
are graffiti's that cannot be removed.