Saturday, December 14, 2013

Queen of France

daisy dreamers

So much into the provoke on the tale,
of a violence begin,

what happened else did he ever go to jail?

How loud do you think we were?

Most of time extremely well behaved.
Quiet with a few outbursts. ms. analysis snore.

You want..., the extremeties of details more...

you want
heavy hand clips to the back of the head,
to move my brothers along,
not military,
but they did slug their feet along,
living-in other thoughts and not devout,

just a bad habit,
I thought I saw it
on a few dads of that time,
walking dreamer kids around,

daisy dreamers, driftin' into gay.
They were his boys and it's not going that way.

He's passive now,
maybe from one of those
vasectomy trucks that roam about.

yea, yea,
if that stops the violent actions
that retain their clout.

20 years at least... heavy handed,
to my brothers old,
things break in the overdo,
not them though not normally,
only structurization, and getting into
a few interior houses to redo.

"Irksome" spells it more...

why so many trees at christmas?
why sometimes way too tall?
this is not a forest,
just a shot at deerish me,
"passivist hippy",
not a great day, ever at all.
A cuss again, yet,
not outloud, subtle torture,
heart crimping moments,
those evergreens overdone to me.

not again, not the excess of trees,
even if they were taken on the free,
not again, it's too gross to me.

Mary poppins in the disallow,
its an old cure, spoonfuls of honey,
No sniffs or pale looks spent,
or a spoonful of honey
into the dreams of ghent.

I have a dream...? 

lucky I was the third born,
learned to hide the wiggly teeth,
I swear he was hunting for them.

Not a fan of the doors album,
I couldn't play it anymore.

Sorry bro but that one,
was not an overscore.

for some reason,
a metal fork filament in eye was funnier.

It's entertainment now,
to the raise a kids how?

are you sad, wrappin it up?
is that it, is that all,

pliers? Is that your call.

We had a great childhood,
and we are all well-behaved.

oh come one, don't let this topic go,
It makes us younger to talk about it,
didn't you know.

The paintover, the gloss of a new begin.
it was pretty horrible,
I don't have time to spend anymore therein.

It was too brutal to the many dollhouse keepers.

Just don't use chemicals in your house,
and don't flea spray.
It's better to get bitten or eat garlic anyday.

brought to you,
by plate in the face productions.