Saturday, December 14, 2013

Queen of France


No-one is going to tell me what to do...

religions catholic or mormon all,

she's a buddha child, an enlightened one,

someday she'll recognize,
the foul choice
that had to be made,
this is wake-up,
of racism to remove away.

I'm not going to pretty bow her hair,
this is the sixties, and my fate.
My destiny, my little girl,
just like the others? no way.

This is her stand to the get-outs,
the get-outs and go-aways,

she's a buddha child,
it's obvious, what more can I say.

I had to shave her hair off,
they need the fashion show,

a bodhisattva,
child of mine,
the hair grows back fuller
in 2-3 years time,

that's not the point...
delving into the numbers there,

how many, persons, that stop and stare.
"what is this... a look at me, of a child's dare."

"what's wrong with that kid,
is it a girl or a boy.",

this is way before chem have tos
detailing their broken content,
negatives of radiations
arrowed and went.

bitterment swirls,
years extra at her once pretty head.

"What an eyesore",
retch-out the people...
on-sight... bayonets pointed there,
what an eye sore,
get her out of here.

Mad at her,
mad at her... everyone young and old,
how do kids even play with her,
is she a birl?

Angry accounting, numbers on the rise,
higher and higher,
angry mountains in the open confides,
people, speaking out,
from their dark thoughts unshrewed,

"she's unpleasant and ugly in my eyes.",

what a mud throw, for them to find,
a sacrificial,...
of their internal hatreds,
one day, known in their own discovery time.

The vengeance plays on the backthrow there,
"I still hate that little 3 year old,
ruined my dollhouse version of society.
we the people, prefer to live by....a constitution code.

"there should be laws,
against what damage I had to behold,
laws to stop...
any ugly boy-girl baldy being near me."

hates of a child,
not a black or a white,
hates of a child.

Mean people,
generalizing wars at a child with their rights.

"Dollhouse, dollhouse,
I need a dollhouse society just to breathe.

That was so ugly,
I live in the constance of materials wealth to re-cloak my needs."

Property market riser, it's her fault from our displease.
One day, goes into another, and another day shines,
"she will always be hated, lambed-into their plate."

it was only a bodhisattva,
maybe they over-reacted.

internal mountains of rocks,
ready on the hurl,
easy into hates of a find,

a journeys interrupt,
a disquiet of the eyes,
deeper into that over-memorize,
a child, a child to despise.

tolerations' of extra, did they gain a few?
Toleration's extra...
a black or a chinois, did they hire a few?
Tolerate extra, women of ethnic, wearing those funny gowns?
tolerations easy, without a dis-smile or a pretend found.

"the child was worse.
I'm, the meanest racist to her."


Lighten up people,
sorry about the eyesore,
my ugly boy-girl, gave out to you there,

How else to pound out and innersperse,
"humans into toleration."
this is not a super-futured, book
fancied in the dunes of the overdo,

it's about living it,
and tolerating others in the instant now,
colors of others and ethnics,
removing disdains and spite.

face it, you hate her more... than the black with no white.
as sirens spiral, in those blue-red lights.