Monday, December 16, 2013

Queen of France

the claw

Soap-in-the mouth?,
mr brother on declare,
words too truant,
have to get them out of there.

what is the claw?
scary predation character
dinosauran my way,
is that from a movie,
where children have-to laugh,
at his time of now,

it's not pretty silouettes,
of pretty peacocks on the wall,
it stalks from around the corner
to scream you into ,scares too fierce.

relaxed? what kind of carnivore is this?
upsetted, redwood forest oakieland has gone away?
blamin' me? redwood forest...
did some spore release on him, in someway?
re-enactment, back to a dino-time there.
million-yr old father,
what's in the water?
I have a dinosaur, as a father,

time will tell...
that was the house of the claw,
a stealth type of t-rex overthere, 
the game is too watch the birds fall,
tree singers, easier to grab that's all,

neck dives...til we get sick,
eyes watering, overdone into tickles hit,

it's old school, teaching those eyes to shift,
looking for help anywhere, anywhere else around?
closets, disappoint, you are always found.

let it go, let it go,

run, just run away,
hurry faster, little bro,
he is after us,
pretty much anyday,
we have to,
we have to get-away,

going slo, going slo,
the little rabbits get tired
he always finds them-us also,
this dude is not human,
the hunts are too pro.

Tell me more, soap stories galore,
tell me more, deep breath there...
the no scare, the silly times of your soap bubbles there.

A look up to,
he did it, he survived,
tough it out,
accept your sentence,
years of your youth,

this is not a snapps,
gotta drink-it-off haul,
panseys complaining...
on the have to,
we have to collect leaves everyone...its autumns fall.

panseys, panseys who weep out in prison,
were not pansies, that's all.